Patients with private insurance like the drug coupons because they can help make specialty medicines more affordable. But health care analysts say the coupons may also discourage patients from considering appropriate lower-cost alternatives, including generic drugs.

How To Use Prescription Drug Coupons And Pharmacy Discounts

Who does not like to use discount coupons?  Probably we all do. The happiness behind human psychology of saving little extra can’t be explained. Discount coupons can be on apparels, travel, food items as well as on pharmacy. Prescription coupons or pharmacy discount coupons are the ones that help you to save almost 80% on the total amount of the bill. One can find such prescription coupons on that help you to save significantly especially when you do not have health insurance. For those having insurance, such coupons work and provide savings. How?

If you have health insurance, these prescription coupons will help to reduce the cost of non-covered tests and medications. They can also prove worthy enough to help with certain restrictions towards insurance such as quality limits and earlier authorizations. 

Surprisingly, at times the final amount of complete medication can be lower than the insurance copay after implementing a prescription coupon. And in certain cases you get the chance to contribute to your high-deductible health insurance plans. It actually means you will be privileged to use your employer-sponsored Health Savings Account (HSA).

Simplefill provides a plethora of prescription coupons out of which maximum are free with no obligations, contracts, or added fees. You are empowered to implement the discount coupons either by using the print out of the coupons or showing the coupon code to your pharmacist the coupon by using the application. Along with prescription drug coupons Simplefill helps you to view the entire cash prices of prescription medications at the nearby pharmacies and prices from pharmacy memberships. It helps you to compare and find out easily where you can get the best price for your medicines. 

Apart from Simplefill there are many prescription discount coupons and cards that help patients in availing affordable medications. Prescription coupons from different companies offer different benefits; hence, it is vital to have a thorough research before making the final selection. It is doubtful that they might not have a long-term impact on the healthcare industry but the positive impact of these coupons on patients cannot be ignored.

How do prescription coupons work?

Let us understand the working procedure of the prescription drug coupons. Before we go further one important thing to know is that the prescription coupons and health insurance plans are different. These are not insurance as well. The drug manufacturer coupon may interact with drug coverage, from independent benefit companies such as Simplefill. What it means is that these coupons can be used by anyone. 

The patients who have employer insurance, federal insurance, or no insurance are eligible to avail the coupon benefits. It also means that if you are not enrolled in any health insurance plan, all the amount you pay will not contribute to your deductible. 

The actual way how it works is as follows:

  • The patients have to present the physical or digital card to their pharmacist. 
  • Then the pharmacy processes the prescription using the prescription coupon information rather than using the patient’s insurance information. 
  • After that the patient pays a reduced cash price instead of paying the actual pay amount. (If the total cash price is less than the copay of the patient then it is undoubtedly a very good deal). 
  • Then the pharmacy pays a transaction fee.

This is how the prescription coupons or the discount coupons benefit the companies. The pharmacies are showing their interest in doing this because affordable prices easily convince patients to return to that pharmacy and also spread word of mouth. Also the pharmacy gets instantly paid up for the medications instead of having to wait for reimbursements from the patient’s insurance, which is time taking usually. 

What are the key benefits of prescription coupons?

Prescription coupons or the drug discount coupons are considered as powerful tools for patients on plans with higher deductibles, copays, or limited drug formularies. Let us discuss the key benefits of using these coupons:

  • These coupons benefit the patients especially who are not insured or between insurance plans. Without a good discount, the cost of prescriptions could hinder patients from starting therapy or medication.
  • The savings via prescription coupons really add up. If you have a family of many members on multiple medications and the yearly deductible is difficult to meet. Then by using a discount card or coupon, you can witness an average discount of almost $20 per prescription. The saved money can be used in a better way for further treatment too.
  • Always remember that the final price of your prescription is purely based on the price set by the pharmacy, not on the discount coupon that you use. Suppose a prescription for a particular drug can be $10 at one retailer while $15 at another even after using the same prescription coupon. 

As price is one of the key factors, you have to do a bit of research and comparison, which will help to learn the right pharmacy nearby that is offering the best price.

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