Yalla Chance Review — You Can Always Win Expensive Prizes!

Yalla Chance Review — You Can Always Win Expensive Prizes!

Do you want to have the newest iPhone 14 Pro, but don’t have enough money? How about using Yalla Chance mobile app to get a chance of winning it for a couple of bucks? This platform is a new online-only service focused on providing its users a chance to win something valuable by using a simple e-Commerce application and making purchases. While it looks just like your regular lottery, some caveats make it incredibly appealing to regular folks.

Winning is much easier

While millions of people participate in various lotteries, Yalla Chance counters this approach by using more expensive tickets and reducing the total number of participants allowing everyone a better chance of winning. Thousands of Yalla Chance users find this particular system a little bit fairer and much more reliable in terms of how often and how much you can win.

Another big difference from other raffles is that you often miss out on giveaways and other irregular promotions. They are often designed to reward people who show up in the right place at the right time. However, Yalla Chance works differently. You always know which ongoing campaigns to enter and when they end. Draw dates are predetermined, but can be changed if tickets are sold out earlier than anticipated.

The mobile app from Yalla Chance

The company caters to a big audience of mobile users meaning that its app is the most important corporate priority. The application is polished with a nice interface that is easy to navigate and use. There are only several sections and just a handful of features to streamline the process of engaging users.

There are five distinct sections in the mobile app:

  1. The “Home” screen contains information about ongoing campaigns, promotions, and vouchers you can get.
  2. The “Tickets” screen displays currently active raffles in which you participate through obtained tickets.
  3. The next is “Winners” which is self-explanatory: you can see previous winners of raffles who received their prizes.
  4. The “Cart” contains goods that you plan to purchase. Every product comes with a ticket attached to it.
  5. Go to the profile page to change settings, currency, personal data, and other information about yourself.

The customer support at Yalla Chance

The company has a very responsive support team that employs only time-tested professionals. Since the size of the operation is relatively small, a couple of well-trained employees is more than enough to provide a high-quality service to English-speaking clients.

You can talk to the support team using the contact form and send your inquiry there. Another communication channel that you can employ is social media. The company is active on several popular platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more.

The support team will resolve any issue related to the web service and the mobile application. You typically need to wait for about 30 minutes to get a response.

Data safety at Yalla Chance

The company understands the importance of employing the best safety measures to ensure that the sensitive information of its users is protected from unauthorized access. Yalla Chance uses encryption to make all communications private. Any data collected during interactions with users is stored in databases without any external access. Your credentials are used only to ship purchased and won items.

The privacy policy of the company has a very clear position on sharing the personal information of users. It is never shared with any business partners, third-party vendors, or any other entity. The only exception is when law enforcement organization demand information on suspected criminals which happens on extremely rare occasions, never in the history of the company.


Yalla Chance is a unique online platform that offers a great service — raffles for international clients. Whether you just enjoy the thrill of participating in small-scale lotteries or want to get a real chance of winning something valuable, this web service is exactly what you are looking for. Download their mobile app from App Store or Play Market.

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