Disney+ Eyes New “Indiana Jones” TV Series

It doesn’t seem like that long ago when Sean Patrick Flanery and Corey Carrier both essayed the famous role of Professor Indiana Jones in the ABC series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Tasked with portraying the famed adventurer at various junctures in his life prior to the actual films starring Harrison Ford, Flanery and Carrier made the most of it from 1992-’96 in first an ongoing series and finally, once the ratings would not support that, a series of television specials. Ostensibly an offshoot of the opening scene at the start of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade which featured Oscar-nominee River Phoenix trying his hand at a younger version of the Good Doctor (Phoenix was actually approached about reprising the role for the TV series, but opted to concentrate instead on his burgeoning film career), The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles still has a soft place in the heart of die-hard Indy fans world-wide, and it’s nothing short of amazing that a reboot of the show has never materialized…until now.

 On the eve of the release of what many assume will be the final Indiana Jones film (at least the final entry starring leading man Harrison Ford), word from our Short Round fans over at Variety has it that The House That Uncle Walt Built (i.e. Disney) and Lucasfilm is actively on the development-end of crafting an all-new Indiana Jones television series for audiences. Though that elusive creature known as a writer has yet to materialize for this hypothetical series, word ‘round industry campfire has it that this is an active interest for Disney+. How brand-spankin’ new is this piece of information we’re serving up to you with a smile, Dear and Constant Reader? It’s all fresh enough for absolutely no one to know with any certainty what exact iteration a new Indy series might take. Could it be another prequel? A sequel series? Your guess is as good as ours, all we know is what a little pop culture columnist let slip to us.

 Disney has of late – like every other streamer and/or studio out there – been attempting to cultivate and enrichen its back catalogue of famed films and television shows. Star Wars, The Mighty Ducks and Willow have all been a good example of this mining of fan-favorite material to produce new shows and movies by the keyholders at Disney.

 We have a pretty good hunch we’ll be hearing more about an Indy TV series in the weeks to come, so keep those antennae tuned into Vents for further information True Believers!

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