Rising Artist IAmSmooth

Known as IAmSmooth on social media or Smooth for short is an on the rise musical talent. The New York native hails from Mount Vernon, where he gives credit to his musical interest. IAmSmooth’s music is driven with emotion and his life experiences, which he uses to express himself.

IAmSmooth has a unique life style, which help mold his diverse style of music that can be changed up depending on what’s going on at the time in his life and the energy created from listening to an instrumental. IAmSmooth’s current single “ Us Two (Unicorn) “ is a fine example of his unique life style and diversity as a musician from his last single “ Tweak “.

IAmSmooth’s latest a single “ Us Two (Unicorn) “ is a R&B single, IAmSmooth has a EP in the works set to release in the coming months, which features a few artist from his home town Mount Vernon, NY. You can stay up to date by checking out IAmSmooth’s website and social media. Be sure to stream “ Us Two (Unicorn) “.



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