TOP 10 Brazil Stereotypes & Myths

Beautiful Brazil captivates the hearts of many travelers who have visited this country. It excites the imagination of those who dream of being there. However, there are many stereotypes in the information broadcast about Brazil. They not only impoverish the image of this country in the minds of people, but can also cause misunderstandings when traveling. Therefore, if you are going to visit this unique country with its own unforgettable flavor, it is better to debunk these Brazil stereotypes before the trip.

The Most Common Brazil Stereotypes 

There are many misconceptions about Brazil. They are the result of the dissemination of an erroneous opinion due to:

  • insufficient knowledge of history and geography
  • news coverage of unilateral events
  • translation of certain images in feature films
  • insufficient number of acquaintances who have visited Brazil

Here are 10 of the most popular Stereotypes about Brazil that make the imaginary country very different from the real one.

Brazilians Speak Spanish

It may seem so, given that most of Latin America speaks this particular language. However, Brazil is a former colony of Portugal. Historically, it was the Portuguese language that was entrenched as the state language, although it has undergone certain changes.

You Can Swim in Brazil All Year Round

Many tourists enjoy the beautiful beaches of Brazil. However, it is impossible to expect that the ocean will be warm all year round. During the winter period, which lasts in this region from July to August, the weather becomes unfriendly. Frequent rains and general cooling do not encourage swimming in the ocean.

Thieving Monkeys Can Steal My Stuff

Monkeys are indeed distinguished by this feature, but in Brazil they first need to be found. Like many other animals, they shy away from noisy cities and busy traffic. To meet the monkeys, you will have to travel to fairly quiet places. And in human habitats, these will not be such wild animals that should be feared.

Whenever I Go to Brazil, There Always Be a Carnival

Indeed, Brazilian carnivals are so spectacular that they are broadcast all over the world. This creates the illusion of constant carnivals in the country. However, in reality, it takes place only once a year, although it lasts as long as 4 days.

Brazil Belongs to the Poorest Countries in the World

Such stereotypes about Brazilians could have been formed by some of the tourists because of the poorest areas of the favelas. However, Brazil is very diverse, with high-end and middle-class neighborhoods that are expensive to live in. In this respect, it differs little from other countries.

All Brazilians Drink a Lot of Coffee

Brazil is indeed one of the largest coffee exporters. However, the residents themselves do not abuse it and prefer guarana or other chilled drinks.

Brazilians Are Not Punctual

This is partly true, since in personal communication being late even an hour is considered normal. However, in business life and at work, absence for more than 10 minutes is considered unacceptable.

Tourists Will Not Be Able to Visit the Favelas

If you are an extreme lover, don’t worry. Visiting the favelas by tourists has long become a business for local communities. However, it is better not to go there yourself.

Brazilians Live in the Jungles

This is also partially true, since many people do live in the jungle, but this is the modern urban jungle of skyscrapers.

Rio de Janeiro Is the Capital of Brazil

This is outdated historical information, since for more than 60 years the capital has been moved to the city of the same name Brasilia.

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Mubashir Ali
Author: Mubashir Ali

I am Mubashir Ali.I am SEO expert.Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Email: [email protected] Website:

About Mubashir Ali

I am Mubashir Ali.I am SEO expert.Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Email: [email protected] Website:

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