Up Close and Personal with Celestial Swimwear CEO Desiree Schlotz

By Rebecca Chiang

Despite being known as a model, singer, and lifestyle influencer, ​​Desiree Schlotz decided there’s more to life than that. A swimwear enthusiast, Desiree is eager to craft the perfect swimwear collection, reminding women of their innate power with which they can see life in a better light. Making a bold move in her 20s, she and her partner in crime Jessica Ghishan founded Celestial Swim earlier this year. ​​Incorporating balance into life, Desiree skillfully manages her life as a professional model and CEO of Celestial Swim which focuses on helping women awaken the power within their souls: “Always give yourself moments of grace in chaos,” she said. Desiree’s overall vision is to create love, passion, and truth and “leave an everlasting imprint on others.” Here she shares her passion for spiritual practices, reveals her tips on staying on top of the game and her future goals.

1. What makes you happy?

What makes me happy is doing what I truly love and that is traveling, doing my spiritual practices, and being around my closest friends and family. I feel as if I am the most connected to myself and the best version of myself when I am doing things that feel truly authentic to me.

2. What is your overall vision?

My overall vision is to create. To create love, passion, truth, acceptance, and to help others around me. Whether that be through fashion, modeling, being an entrepreneur, an artist, teacher, role model, or influencer. The greatest gift you can give to others is by being your most true and authentic self. I want to show others that there are no limits to success and that anything that you desire or inspire can be created with just a thought. My vision is to leave an everlasting imprint on others and make them feel something more than just what we see with our eyes. I want people to feel my vision through art, fashion, and my voice.

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself starting another business, possibly something with interior design or real-estate. I love to learn and the greatest thing about being young is that there is so much time to learn! I hope to create my own family within 5 years. I would love to expand myself and have a kid or two. I also see myself having my own garden and growing my own produce! That is the ultimate goal.

4. Best Advice to give to your fans?

My best advice that I would give to my audience or fans would just be to remember to enjoy the journey. I feel that we can get so caught up on what is the next thing that I need to achieve? What is my next goal? I really struggled with that personally and still do today. Life flashes before us and next thing you know you’re growing old and you forget to be present in moments you will never get back. Being 25 I really reflect on my early 20’s and I thank myself for introducing spiritual practices like gratitude early on, because I am able to reflect with such positive thoughts, even in moments of chaos or sadness. I trained myself to not cling nor attach to anything and just flow with every opportunity. I still practice this everyday because let’s be real life IS real and it is hard as shit, but that is the beauty of it. There needs to be balanced in order to maintain a healthy life.

5. How do you stay on top of your game?

I stay on top of my game by incorporating balance into my life. I always tell myself that in order for me to have a fulfilling life and a joyous one there has to be good and bad. In order for me to experience the ultimate pleasure I also have to endure ultimate pain. There is no one without the other. It is comforting to know this when things may get rocky during my journey. I always remind myself that everything flows and moves and if you don’t resist and move with it you will experience all of the beauty that life has to offer.

6. What is your higher purpose?

My higher purpose was always something that I thought would just kind of happen to me. Thinking that I would all of a sudden get this realization, that WOW I now know my life’s purpose, but the older I get the more I realize I actually get to choose my life’s purpose. I chose my higher purpose to be a way of life of teaching others no limits, especially within yourself. That way of life is through unconditional love and determination in whatever you are trying to succeed in. By showing people that everything that you wish to succeed in life is accessible and there are no limits to your thoughts besides yourself. I came from a family that didn’t have that

much money and was raised strictly cathlotic. It was hard to form my own values and to break free from these generational binds, but it is possible and it was the foundation for who I am today. I feel as if my purpose is not limited to one thing, but many. By choosing to love myself everyday, I am allowing people to pave a way for themselves. Like I had mentioned before, the greatest gift you can give anyone is by being your true and most authentic self. When you radiate that energy, people will naturally tune into and emit that same energy within themselves.

7. What are you truly passionate about?

There are a lot of things I am truly passionate about. I feel like they fluctuate on a day to day basis because I am passionate about so many different things. I am passionate about love, undeniably. Passion by definition is a powerful or compelling emotion/feeling, as love OR hate. I tend to get really caught up on this when I get interested in a new idea. Passion VS Purpose. Passion is the feeling behind the purpose of why you do things. Passion is for you, while purpose is for others. So to answer your question, what am I truly passionate about?

Creating. Creating for myself and for others.

8. Tell us about celestial and your vision for the brand?

The vision for Celestial Swim is really to help women awaken the power that they have always had within. We wanted Celestial to be a fragmentation of just what spirituality has to offer. We felt so passionate about the vision of Celestial in our own personal lives, that we felt it was our purpose to shed some light and spread our vision to others. Awaken the divinity within has always been our message, and not gonna lie it is hard to come out with a spiritual brand when it may not resonate with everybody the same way we had intended. Our brand is a community of women, daughters, mothers, wives, sisters, and we welcome anyone who is curious to know if there is more beyond this life. Not only do we sell bikinis, we are much more than just that. We are your guidance in times of need, we are here to remind you how amazing you are when you feel like there is nobody to tell you. We are the Celestial Goddesses that are here to help remind you that there are no limits to your success. We want our community to feel like a movement. Changing the world by helping awaken one soul at a time.

9. How does a celebrity influencer like you juggle personal and business life?

Not gonna lie, it is hard to balance the two. I really have to set goals and intentions everyday, because of the type of work that I am in, my business tends to mesh with my personal life. However, it can be so amazing that the two mesh together because a lot of my work I truly love to do during my personal time, which is to create. I also love that I get to set my own schedules and not report to anybody else. However, with that being said, there comes a lot more responsibility. If there is one thing that I have learned this year about myself, it is taking

accountability and the next steps that are necessary to redeem yourself after taking accountability. When you are your own boss you really find out the parts that you truly love and hate about yourself, because there is nobody else to blame. I think it is so necessary in everybody’s evolution to come face to face with these realizations. Remember to enjoy the journey in every aspect of your career or personal life. Always give yourself moments of grace in chaos, and don’t forget to treat yourself with doing what you love the most and

prioritizing that in times of need.

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