How to choose the right web hosting for your website?

Have you ever visited a website? Obviously, you visit websites daily for getting updates.  Then you might be inquisitive about websites and specifically how you can create your own website. Because in today’s world websites are the main tools for sharingthoughts worldwide and generating revenue from it. If you have an idea, or you want to start a business. You will need a website and there are different types of websites. But most importantly the web hosting that allows you to go online and start making content for your audience. In today’s article, I will cover all information regarding web hosting and its types that what type of web hosting suits you as a beginner

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is basically a service that is provided by web servers which by purchasing you can get a space on the internet for your website. In simple words (As you are living on earth and you need to buy a home to live. Likewise in the world of the internet. If you want to create your website to be viewed online. Web hosting service creates a file which contains websites’ images and essential codes and allocates space and resources to go online. All the websites you visit in everyday life are somehow, hosted by web servers.

Types of Web Hosting:

There are hundreds of web hosting providers on the internet based on different features and technologies. All types of web hosting are designed for different purposes. Whatever you want to do online, you need to have website hosting, a domain name and content to publish on it.

There are commonly 4 types of web hosting that majority of web hosts offers under different pricing and features based on different technologies to their users.

  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicating or Managed Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • VPS (virtual private server) Hosting

Shared hosting:

Shared hosting is one of the most common and widely used types of web hosting on the internet. Shared hosting is typically provided by almost every web hosting service whichhas numerous physical web servers. As this is shared hosting and all the websites are allocated their own spaces on one server that stores the data of all websites separately. This is the cheapest type of web hosting. The main reason why shared hosting is less expensive is, that a large number of websites and resources are managed on a single computer, so the expense is low and resultantly the web hosting is offered at less price. Moreover, this is not a feature-rich web hosting service.

 This is just a simple and cheap type of web hosting which is an ideal choice for small-scale websites or businesses that don’t have vast audiences or traffic on their websites. The starting pricing of this web hosting is around 4$ to 9$ per month. If you are just starting an educational blog or a personal blog. It is recommended to go for shared hosting, as it demands less expense, once your business is established. Go for dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting:

Dedicated web hosting is a versatile type of web hosting in which a dedicated server and its resources are allocated to only a single client. This type of web hosting is perfect for choice for people who have WordPress sites and vast website traffic. Most web servers offer dedicated web hosting services along with packages of (VPS and shared hosting deals).

Dedicated or managed web hosting is different from other types of web hosting in a way that, if you buy a shared hosting, the provider will manage your website along with other websites on a single computer under the same resources. In (VPS) hosting the computer is not shared but the resources are allocated virtually only to you on that computer. But if you buy dedicated web hosting, you will be given a separate server with all of its separate resources which automatically optimizes the website’s performance and loading speed. You are given more bandwidths, more storage capacity and increased security patches.

If you have a news blog, business website or educational site, dedicated hosting is an ideal choice for expanding and improving the online presence of your business. This is an expensive web hosting, and its price starts from 200$ to a further thousands of dollars. Additionally, you will have to pay expenses for the paidsoftware that will need to run on the server such as (Windows licences, Cpanel and other paid software packages).

VPS web hosting:

VPS web hosting is a little similar to both shared and dedicated hosting. When you will choose VPS web hosting, then your website will be hosted with other websites on the same computer as shared hosting, but there is a great difference that, your website will be given a separate virtual compartment through virtualization. There will be a dedicated storage system, a well-optimized separate CPU, expandable ram, and limitless bandwidths. You will also get the various benefits of a dedicated web server.

A VPS web hosting should be chosen if you are facing the following issues on your website.

  • Security concerns for websites
  • You start getting high traffic on your website and want your website to be more optimized.
  • You are facing connectivity and speed issues
  • You are going to open an e-commerce store.

Cloud web hosting:

Cloud web hosting is one of the most advanced and optimized types of web hosting service currently available in the web hosting market. In simple words, cloud web hosting is basically a type of hosting that empowers you to utilize the resources of multiple virtual servers.

This hosting service works on the technology of virtualization. This technology allocates a single on-site server into multiple virtual servers which are also known as (cluster cloud servers) because of their interconnectivity (as opposed to traditional hosting servers).

In cloud hosting, if one server is not working, you don’t have to be worried, your website functioning will not be limited. As the server is down, you can shift to another server in the next moment.

You may get cloud web hosting for your website as your business grows and can avail multiple benefits such as (scalability, adjustable pricing plans, optimization, enhanced security and much more).

Cheryl Salinas
Author: Cheryl Salinas

Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast| [email protected]

About Cheryl Salinas

Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast| [email protected]

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