How to report a google review?

Most business owners consider Google reviews to be a key business lever. In some cases, Google My Business reviews can damage the reputation of modern businesses. The only solution is to report Google reviews. But you need to know which reviews to report, and what steps you need to take to report Google reviews successfully.

In what situations can you report a Google review?

When you receive a negative review or a five-star rating on your business listing. Such situations can negatively impact your business’ reputation, conversion rate and traffic. It is important to maintain these metrics at all costs, especially in a world where Google has 91.5% of the PM (market share). The goal of every business is to get 5 stars on Google, but this is not an easy task. In some cases, negative reviews on Google are not justified. As a company, you are entitled to report these feedbacks online. However, you should only do so if the content of the reviews concerns :

  • An irrelevance: the review is not related to the visit of the establishment or the use of a product/service.
  • A conflict of interest: the comment left was written by a competitor or an employee of the company.
  • Spam: the notice was published by a fictitious person or a virtual account.
  • Lack of usefulness: the review does not add any value for Internet users and future customers of the company. It can be repetitive and meaningless.
  • Discrimination or incitement to hatred: the web notice is directed against a particular person or group of people because of their religion or identity.
  • Harassment: the notice written personally attacks or intimidates someone in the company.
  • Offensive content: insults to customers, sexual content, violent images, incitement to hatred, etc.
  • Revealing personal information: an address or phone number is shared publicly by the author.

To find out what content is banned or subject to reporting, you can go to Google’s Support page. You may not report a review simply because you don’t like it or because it’s negative. You should only report reviews that violate Google’s policies.

Techniques for reporting a Google review

There are several ways to report a review on Google:

First technique: report a review from the Google search

  • Go to Google,
  • Search for your company’s profile on the search engine,
  • Click on Google reviews,
  • Scroll through the customer reviews, until you reach the notice mark,
  • On the right, click on the three small dots,
  • Then click on ”report review”, just below ”share review”,
  • Choose the reason for reporting according to the rules set out in the Google support.

Second technique: posting a notice in Google Maps

  • Go to Google Maps,
  • Search for your company’s record,
  • Identify the notice you wish to report to Google,
  • Then click on the three small dots,
  • Click on “report as inappropriate”,
  • Choose the reason for the alert.

Third technique: report a review from Google My Business

  • Log in to your Google My Business account,
  • If you are the owner of a single company, go to the left-hand menu, open the file by clicking on ”notice”,
  • If you have several businesses, go to the left-hand menu, click on “manage reviews”, then choose an establishment from the drop-down menu,
  • Once you have identified the notice to be reported, click on the three small dots,
  • Click on “report as inappropriate”,
  • Choose the subject of the alert.

Once the review is flagged, you simply have to wait for Google to analyse the content. The review will be removed and this process only takes a few days. If you want the review to be removed quickly, report it multiple times or with different accounts. Google does not take sides when a business and a customer disagree about a fact. If the Google review is not yet removed, respond in a polite, professional, empathetic manner. In some cases, responding to a Google review will help preserve your credibility, reliability and reputation. It is strictly forbidden to buy Google reviews, because even if they are positive Google may remove them.

If a dissatisfied customer leaves a negative review, you can contact them privately and provide a solution to their problem. If the Google review is collected via a verified review site such as Trustpilot, the user can change their review directly for a period of three months.

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