Big Hustle G: Top Five Songs You Need To Hear

Whether you’re looking for some new additions to your on-repeat playlist or even your new favorite artist, we’ve got you covered- follow below to find out more about Modesto’s up-and-coming rapper Big Hustle G as we list his top five singles that you won’t want to miss.

Trust Issues

It’s all in the title- and the delivery. If you’re feeling heated, cheated, or just need to blow off some steam- this is the one you want to turn up loud and roll the windows down to.

Out My Way

This is the track for those moments when you’re feeling like number one- or maybe even when you need a reminder of what you’re capable of. Whether you’re in the gym or getting your mind right in your room, Out My Way is a gritty, no BS confidence boost.


Now this one is a good time- Muevelo is one of Big Hustle G’s newest releases, and truthfully unlike anything we’ve heard from him before- it’s reggaeton, it’s fire, and it’s what you need to bump before a night out.

Till My Last Breath

If you’re looking for some motivation, some drive, something to hit hard- Till My Last Breath is the track for you. Go for a night drive and take it all in.


Now this one really reflects who Big Hustle G is and what he has to offer- you want to get hooked on his music? Start here- and be sure to follow through the rest of his hit EP, “Elevate”.

This is just our top five- and just the beginning for Big Hustle G. Stay tuned for his debut album A Hustler’s Flow arriving in October 2022 and never miss a beat by following his links down below.

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