As the President and CEO of Compass Retirement Solutions LLC, Marvin Mitchell speaks about the challenges the financial realm faces today.

The much-talked-about financial advisor and executive has dedicated his career to helping people in or near retirement protect their hard-earned savings.

To have the vision to attain specific goals is one thing, but to accept challenges, overcome them, hustle and learn each day, experiment, work towards offering uniqueness and have the courage to walk on unconventional paths to turn those visions into a reality is a different game altogether. People belonging to the latter category have surrendered to their dreams and chased their goals till the very end to turn into influential professionals and entrepreneurs in their respective industries. It is people like Marvin Mitchell who pose as great examples for budding talents around the world to draw massive inspiration from. He is the one who has been taking over the financial industry, improving the retirement planning niche with his unique company Compass Retirement Solutions LLC, where he serves as the President and CEO.

Speaking about the current challenges that the industry faces, Marvin Mitchell says that over the years, the industry has seen several bad financial advisors as so many people and professionals faced the brunt of their lack of knowledge and bad advice, leading them to spending their assets and their hard-earned savings. Unfortunately, even credit repair people have started calling themselves financial advisors, and many others as well, who do not even have the license or the ability to give advice in a legal and ethical way. This, he feels, poses as a huge problem and challenge in the industry today. The industry is now attempting to do something to come up with the definition of fiduciary so that it can set itself apart. They also have certifications like CFP, which, if marketed correctly, people can decipher.

He has dedicated his career to protecting the retirement portfolio of those in or near retirement. As a top financial advisor, he believes in safety first while earning a reasonable rate of return. The St. Louis native has been giving back to his local community. His company ensures to volunteer, donate college scholarship money for lower-income students and contribute to breast cancer awareness and education.

Marvin Mitchell (@marvinmitchellofficial) finds passion in helping people by creating customized financial plans and implementing retirement income and wealth management strategies to help them fulfil their needs.

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