Bruno Fleuridort Educates the Youth on Financial Literacy

Today, too many grown-ups in the US strug­gle with their fam­i­ly finances and crush­ing debt, destroying their abil­i­ty to sup­port them­selves and their chil­dren. Statistics reveal that over two-thirds of adults would fail a simple finan­cial lit­er­a­cy test, and more than 47% of Amer­i­can house­holds don’t have $400 on hand to cover an emer­gency. Following this desolate back­drop, it’s not hard to see that the youth across the United States are grow­ing up ill-equipped to han­dle their finances.

Unfortunately, many young peo­ple do not receive any for­mal finan­cial instruc­tion and instead learn about mon­ey through observ­ing and lis­ten­ing to their par­ents, care­givers, oth­er adults, and peers. Finan­cial lit­er­a­cy is important in help­ing the youth successfully man­age their mon­ey so they can become finan­cial­ly sta­ble, build assets, and attain their per­sonal objectives. It is also worth noting that deci­sions made in ear­ly adulthood can have permanent finan­cial con­se­quences. Bruno Fleuridort is a young Haitian entrepreneur, business mentor, life coach, author, and influencer based in the United States who educates the youth on financial literacy to help them enjoy financial freedom.

Bruno was born in 1991 in Haiti. Growing up with a single mom was difficult for him as she often struggled to provide for him. This prompted him to write his first book, The Truth Behind Single Mom.

The 31-year-old life coach and influencer strongly believe that success is achievable. Thus, from the early age of 14, he began to embrace the world of entrepreneurship. Bruno has always been fascinated by the idea of being an influencer, so he began collaborating with large companies like Pepsi and Goya just a few months after immigrating to the US in 2015. He would later become a brand ambassador and has been discovering his talent and expanding his platform while developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

Bruno is the owner and CEO of the company Bruno Fleuridort Enterprise Inc./Wealth 10.0. His main aim is to help others as much as possible and not make any excuses. He explains, “I put people first. I came from Haiti 6 years ago, learned English from YouTube, and went from living with a negative checking account to becoming financially free. Most importantly, I help and educate financial literacy across the United States.”

The astute go-getter was over the moon when many wealth magazines recognized his platform as the number one wealth academy in the US. However, Bruno shares that it was challenging for him to establish his first business with next to no money. He only had $303 on his credit card but took the risk and invested. The business turned into a million-dollar company a few months later through sheer hard work, resilience, persistence, consistency, and determination.

The entrepreneur shares that his mom is his greatest inspiration. She never gave up despite raising him single-handedly. Although Bruno targets everyone through his ventures, he specifically targets single parents. “I saw my mom struggle, and I understand that single parents need extra help,” he declared.

Bruno’s favorite quote is “0% chance, 100% God,” and he believes that he would never be where he is now if it weren’t for God. He also shares that your current situation or where you came from doesn’t matter; you can accomplish anything you want if you put your mind to it and stay humble. He looks forward to helping millions of families create generational wealth in the next few years.

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