What to do if You Lose Your Garage Door Opener

It is frustrating to lose a garage door opener, but it is a relatively easy problem to remedy. A few simple steps can enable you to get back into the garage, secure your home, and find a replacement. Options also exist for preventing future losses.

Step One: Search for the Opener

Check for the opener in the home and all vehicles before spending money or time with the following steps. It is easy to toss a small remote in a handbag or shopping bag or have it slide under a car seat. Look for the opener in places that do not make sense because busy families can misplace items anywhere.

Step Two: Manually Open the Door

Homeowners should always know how to open a garage door manually because it is the only access method during a power outage. It is harder to learn what to do if you lose your garage door opener while using a flashlight in the middle of a storm.

Only swap to manual opening and closing with a closed door. An open door can slam shut unexpectedly and cause injury to people and pets or damage the door. Look for a red cord hanging from the garage door trolley. Pull the rope to disconnect the trolley so it can open and close manually. An older or misaligned door takes more effort to open than maintained or newer versions.

Step Three: Wipe the Remote Memory

A stranger can access your garage and home if they somehow find the opener. Wiping the memory and resetting the code makes the lost controller useless to anyone that may have it in their hand. Bump this task to step one of what to do if you lose your garage door opener if you believe someone stole the remote.

Step Four: Order a New Remote

Replace lost models with a new opener. Homeowners can buy the items from the door manufacturer and from an emergency garage door service. Universal remotes are another option if the manufacturer no longer offers the brand needed.

Step Five: Avoid Losing Another Opener

Immediately after dealing with the frustration of what to do if you lose your garage door opener is a great time to decide how to prevent it from happening again. Dedicate a spot in the vehicle for the opener and make sure to replace it in that spot. Keep a backup opener in a specific location in the home.

An alternative to replacing the opener and finding a new storage spot is to upgrade the garage door. Modern door controls allow people to operate the mechanism through their smartphones. Utilizing a smartphone means homeowners can reduce the number of gadgets they need to handle. Contact a garage door service to learn more about this option.

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