This Looks Like a Job for Superman: Henry Cavill Set to Resume Big-Screen Fight for Truth, Justice and the American Way

 After a bigger than anticipated box-office opening for the new DCU film Black Adam (with an impressive nearly $70 million premiere weekend haul domestically), Streaky the Super-Cat is safely out of its kryptonite bag: Henry Cavill, arguably the best Man of Steel since Christopher Reeve first donned the iconic cape and tights in Richard Donner’s 1978 opus Superman: The Movie, is officially returning to save the world-and a beleagured DCU-one more time as Kal-El (or Kal-L if you’re milleage runs more towards Golden Age Earth-Two), A.K.A. Superman!

 In a mid-credit moment at the tail-end of Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, Cavill surprised and delighted fans with a return as Superman, with a thinly veiled promise of more Super-goodness yet to come. This marked the first time Cavill has been seen in a DCU flick since 2017’s best-to-be-forgotten movie, Justice League.

 For concerned comic book nerds (such as myself) who might be concerend that Cavill’s cameo was nothing but a mere one-on/one-off, the Enola Holmes star quickly vanquished such thoughts like the true life superhero he is by taking to social media to assure fans that the best is yet to come for his iteration of Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster’s legendary creation.

 According to our Ultra-Humanite admirers over at the high-flying Hollywood Reporter, Cavill posted the following to his Instagram account: “I wanted to make it official — I am back as Superman,” Cavill said, thanking longtime fans,“most of all. Thank you for your support and for your patience.” He ended with a thrilling promise that what we all witnessed on the big screen while watching Black Adam was a “very small taste” of what is still to come.

 So where does that leave Big Blue in the near-future? It’s no secret that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson fought tooth and nail to get Cavill in the new film and, if that credits scene is any indication, expect a knock-down, drag-out fight between Black Adam and Supes in a future film. There is also a promise of Cavill taking the reigns for his first stand-alone film as Superman since 2013’s Man of Steel. We’d say that nearly a decade is more than enough time for an actual sequel to that film to finally come to everyone’s local multiplex.

 So welcome back to the (comic book) fold, Mr. Cavill; we’re glad to see you soaring yet again as the iconic Superman!

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