Nima Safa as, the founder and CEO at S&V properties, shares about his “A City within A City” post on Instagram.

S&V Properties are a one-stop-shop for every service in real estate in Dubai, and it stands distinctive because of its phenomenal vision in the industry.

The way a few industries have developed and grown over the years can be attributed to a myriad of reasons. Some people say it is because of the tech advancements and tech trends and some others say it is because of the relentless drive and passion of a few determined professionals and entrepreneurs who, through their ideas and visions, grow their businesses and eventually their industries massively. However, a few experts opine that a combination of both has what led industries to where they stand today. Real estate is one such industry that thrives both on technology and the visionary ideas of entrepreneurs and founders, especially in Dubai. S&V Properties is one such constantly growing real estate company founded by a passionate real estate entrepreneur Nima Safa.

S&V Properties have never ceased to amaze people with their various services in real estate in Dubai, selling luxury residential properties, off-plan properties, ready properties, and more with top-notch services taking care of the whole buying and selling of properties for clients. The company recently garnered more headlines as Nima Safa posted about “A City within A City” on Instagram. He proudly says that it is one of the most phenomenal projects in Dubai that is conveniently located and has properties that can mesmerize buyers.

It includes three 5-star hotels within the communities and three residential buildings located in one place reachable within walking distance. It is carefully located on the main highway of Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road, next to Dubai Canal, where people can get direct access to the Canal area and also a beautiful jog area. It provides easy access to the highway and metro station and offers 1-4 BHK apartments and even 6 BHK penthouses with a view of the sea, canal, and the city. The whole project offers the highest quality amenities, and the payment plans are also interesting. People can either pay upfront or take a loan from the bank, or they can pay 35% of the total amount and then rent the property and pay the remaining amount during the next three years. These properties are owned forever and have no interest rates or taxes.

Nima Safa (@thenimasafa) highlights that this dream-like project in Dubai and S&V Properties is more than excited to serve clients with properties to up their lifestyle goals.

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