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Meta Description: Review: Tradedays offers a platform based on cryptocurrency trading that is easy to use and provides access to the same tools and resources that are very effective and innovative. With minimal risk and fees, Tradedays make it easy for anyone to invest their money and achieve success.

Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile, but Tradedays provides a platform that makes it easy to get into and out of trades quickly without worrying about missing out on potential profits. Their top-notch customer service provides all the tools you need to make informed investment decisions. Plus, their low fees make it easy to make a healthy return on your investment.

Do they provide services via mobile app?

The mobile platform offers several key benefits for traders. 

First, it provides a convenient way to trade on the go, with full access to all web-based platform features. This creates it easy to stay on top of your trades no matter where you are. 

Second, the mobile platform offers a wide range of features for trading cryptocurrencies, including real-time quotes, charts, and order books. This gives you everything you require to make informed decisions about your trades. 

Finally, the mobile platform is based on Cryptocurrency trading, which offers several advantages over traditional trading platforms. 

For example, Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning they are not subject to government or financial institution control. This drives them to a more secure acquisition option. 

In addition, Cryptocurrencies are global currencies that can be traded 24/5, making them ideal for traders who want round-the-clock access to the markets.

How many account types do they have, and what do they offer in their services?

Cryptocurrency trading is a significant way to make money, and the platform offers many benefits that can support traders make the most of their trading experience. The first benefit of using the platform is that it is based on cryptocurrency trading. 

All transactions are done using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, which can offer traders several advantages. For one, it can help them to avoid paying any fees associated with traditional currency conversion. Additionally, it can help protect their privacy, as cryptocurrency transactions are generally more anonymous than traditional transactions.

Another great benefit of the platform is that it offers a variety of account types, each of which arrives with its own set of benefits. 


Minimum Deposit: Up to10K $ Cryptocurrency trading has become one of the considerable popular ways to make money in recent years. It can be a wonderful way to make a profit, and the platform offered by this company makes it manageable to get started in the world of cryptocurrency trading. The company provides various features that make it easy to get started in this exciting field, including 1:200 leverage, up to 25% margin loan, and a wide variety of markets to trade. In addition, the company offers a comprehensive education centre that can help new traders learn the ropes and start making money. The account manager assigned to each account can provide personalized assistance and support, and there is also a weekly live stream that traders can watch to get updates on the markets. There are also weekly market reviews and trading webinars available.


Up to50K $ Minimum Deposit

There are many benefits to using the Silver account at the broker. One of the most important is the leverage that is offered. With a 1:200 influence, investors can control a much more prominent position in the market with less capital. This can be a sumptuous way to increase returns on investment while limiting risk.

Another significant benefit is the available margin loan. With up to 35% of a margin loan, investors can borrow capital to increase their exposure to the market and amplify their profits. This can be a splendid way to maximize returns in a short period.

The account manager assigned to each Silver account can provide valuable insights and guidance to help investors complete the most of their trading understanding. The daily market review and signals can also help keep investors informed about what is happening in the markets and provide potential trading opportunities.

The broker offers a wide range of research and analysis tools to help investors build a successful portfolio. Analyst sessions are available to help investors learn more about specific strategies and how they can be implemented in their portfolios. In-depth research and analysis allow investors to make informed decisions about where they want to allocate their capital.

Overall, the Silver account at this broker offers many valuable benefits that can help investors succeed in Cryptocurrency trading. With up to 50K minimum deposit, personal account manager, daily market review, daily market signals, work with a broker, in-depth research, analyst sessions, and portfolio construction tools, this platform provides everything you need to get started in this exciting market.


Up to 100 K $ Minimum Deposit

The Gold Account offers traders some of the most reasonable features in the industry. 

  1. The platform offers a high degree of leverage, up to 200x. This allows traders to control a much more prominent position than they would generally be with their available capital, increasing their potential profits while minimizing their risk exposure

2. Margin loans are also available, up to 50% of the account value. This can provide traders with the extra capital they need to take advantage of trading opportunities they may otherwise miss.

3. The platform offers a daily market review and daily market signals that can help traders make informed trading decisions.

4. Traders have access to a personal broker who can help them with any questions or concerns and provide support and guidance when needed.

5. Weekly live-stream trading webinars are held, which allow traders to learn from professional traders and ask any questions they may have.

6. Daily one-on-one sessions with an analyst are also available, giving traders the chance to get detailed advice and analysis on their trading strategies and performance.

7. In-depth research is conducted by the analysts on the team, providing traders with valuable insight into current market conditions and potential trading opportunities.

8. Portfolio construction services are offered, which can help traders create a well-diversified portfolio that meets their specific risk/return profile.


Up to 250K $ Minimum Deposit

Diamond Account offers a unique and exciting platform for Cryptocurrency trading. 

1. The platform offers 1:300 leverage which enables traders to amplify their profits potentials significantly. 

2. Margin loans of up to 75% are also available, providing traders with the necessary liquidity to enter into more trades. 

3. The daily market review offers traders an overview of what has been happening in the markets and what is expected to happen shortly. 

4. Personal brokers can help traders with their individual needs and concerns. 

5. Weekly live-stream trading webinars offer traders the opportunity to learn from some of the top analysts in the industry and ask questions. 

6. Daily one-on-one sessions with top analysts allow traders to get customized education according to their needs and goals. 

7. Daily market signals provide traders with valuable information on where the markets are heading and which trades to take advantage of. 

8. In-depth research provides traders with all the necessary information before making investment decisions. 

9. V.I.P. events offer traders opportunities to network with other successful traders and learn more about upcoming products and features from the platform team. 

10. Managed portfolio services offer traders a hands-free approach to trading, allowing them more time to focus on their trading strategies.


More than 1M $ Minimum Deposit

1. The V.I.P. account offers traders the opportunity to use a margin loan of up to 100%, which allows them to increase their trading power and potential profits.

2. The platform offers daily market reviews and signals, which can help traders make informed decisions about their trades.

3. The V.I.P. account gives traders access to some of the top brokers in the industry, providing them with a wide range of trading options.

4. The V.I.P. account also comes with a personal chef broker, who can assist traders with any inquiries or concerns they may have while trading.

5. The V.I.P. account offers customized education, which can help traders learn more about the ins and escapes of cryptocurrency trading and how to make profitable trades.

6. The V.I.P. account also provides daily one-on-one live stream trading webinars with top analysts, giving traders access to valuable insights and advice.

7. The V.I.P. account comes with a wealth manager who can help traders manage their portfolios and make the most of their trading opportunities.

8. Lastly, the V.I.P. account invites you to V.I.P. events, where traders can network with other prosperous traders and comprehend more about how to profit from cryptocurrency trading.


Tradedays is a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers users an unparalleled experience. Unlike traditional banks or investment firms, it provides them with the tools and information they need for success as traders without requiring any initial investments from you! Plus, its round-the-hour customer service ensures no matter what time zone you’re in, there will always be someone available to help ensure everything goes smoothly on our end too, so go ahead and take advantage now while these deals last!!

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be a recommendation. The author is not responsible for any resulting actions of the company during your trading experience.

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