Water Leaking into Car from Roof

If water gets inside your car, it can be difficult to exactly where it came from and it can cause serious damage.

However, one of the most common reasons for Water Leaking into Car from Roof. There are several reasons why a car roof leaks and the solution depends on the exact problem.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the causes and solutions for car roof leaks. If you are tired of sitting in a wet car seat during the rainy season, keep reading this article.

1. Inspecting Leak

If you are not sure if your car is leaking from the driver’s side roof, the first step is to find the location of the leak. Also, if your roof is leaking, you need to try to find the exact location where the water holes are.

When working on the roof, clear all dirt and debris to ensure unobstructed access to the roof. Where such leakage occurs, water often stagnates. Again, checking for cracks or rust spots can help. Also, a few air bubbles will indicate the location of the leak.

2. Start Applying Sealant

After purchasing the roofing waterproofing material, it must be applied to the specific holes according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

By now, you should know that this sealant comes in different formulations, consistencies, and packaging, so you’ll need different application methods. must be used. Then, gently rub the sealant into all pores, being careful not to over-scrub specific areas.

3. Drying Sealant

After the sealant has been completely applied, let it dry. The drying process usually takes 20-30 minutes, but you can speed up the drying time with a hair dryer.

4. Test Sealed Roof for Leaks

Use a garden water hose to spray water onto the car roof (around the seal area) to see if it’s still leaking. If you don’t run out of water, you did a great job. Again, depending on the seal type, you may choose to repaint your vehicle’s roof. However, if this problem persists, professional service may be required.

Why Water Leaks into Car from its Roof?

Water dripping from the roof of a car in rainy weather is a source of grief for car owners. These types of leaks start small and can grow large, and by the time you see water coming out of your car’s windshield,. If your car seat is wet. Moisture inside your car is due to a roof leak, windshield or other factors.

During the manufacture of sunroofs, manufacturers may make compromises that can cause leaks in some new vehicles. If so, it would be helpful if you consider your warranty. Rust can also cause roof leaks and is caused by oxidation between metal and water. Such an event causes the roof to collapse and soon a small hole is found.

Tips to Prevent Leaks from Car Roof

  1. Car owners should consider waxing and polishing the vehicle on a regular basis. Doing this to your car’s roof will protect your car’s paint for longer and keep it looking nice and shiny.
  2. Check the roof for corrosion, and consider effective repairs and repainting before corrosion causes leaks. Corrosion is usually formed by oxidation at the junction of metal and water. However, you may decide to apply a rust converter to deal with the rust problem. 
  3. You should also consider storing your car in a shaded garage, as moisture makes your car roof more prone to rust. Also, this shade is good for protecting your car from other plant debris and fruits, as shown in open parking. Support your car during rainy season with soft top care.
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Freelancer and an avid reader.

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