Get the Perfect Custom Paint Job from Phunky Auto

Phunky Auto is located in Chico, CA & originally started in Vallejo, CA but just recently re-opened again in February due to Covid. The owner Joshua Flores is an amazing owner of Phunky Auto who paints and restores the cars and makes them stand out different from the rest.

Joshua started working on car when we was just a child and discovered his passion for cars. He eventually turned this into a successful business with many customers. However only starting the business in 2017 the company has a big following had done a lot of custom work for many customers. He is living his dream as he knew when he was young that he could make a living working on cars.

If you want your car to uniquely stand out get a custom paint job or restoration job contact Phunky Auto.

Phone Number: +1 (707) 386-1729
Email Address: [email protected]

Nadeem Mirani
Author: Nadeem Mirani

Freelancer and an avid reader.

About Nadeem Mirani

Freelancer and an avid reader.

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