The Reasons Your Number of Followers Matters

If you’re someone who uses social media on a regular basis, you know that your followers count is the primary metric of online success. If no one is following you, no one will see any of your posts whether they are extremely beautiful, wise, or funny. There will be no one to like, comment, and share. Considering the number of people using social media daily, to most of us it should come as no surprise that followers matter. This is especially true for those of us looking to make a big break as a social media influencer. Below, we are going to explain why you should care about how many followers you have in more detail. 

Who sees your posts? 

Although it depends on your account’s settings and the platform’s algorithms, in most cases your posts are only offered to the people who already follow you. This makes going viral or attracting a new audience impossible without reaching your followers first. Your audience has to see and share your new post for someone else to visit your account. This cannot happen if there is no one seeing what you’re putting out unless you get free likes on tiktok which will help you to have the videos shown to more people.


The more people are following you, the more comments there will be under your posts (especially if you know how to push your audience’s buttons). Without access to diverse opinions of a big number of followers, it will be harder for you to understand how to further develop your brand. Receiving feedback is helpful, even if it might be harsh sometimes. If no one is seeing your posts, no one can share, or even form, an opinion regarding your content. Followers provide engagement, which not only gives you food for thought and ideas for growth but also makes social media recommend your content to other audiences. 

Brands care

If you consider yourself an upcoming influencer and are counting on your social media to bring you some profit, the number of followers should be your top priority. Whenever brands are looking for online personas to partner up with for ads, they barely look past the first row of the most popular influencers. If they are interested in you, they will be evaluating your potential partnership based on how many followers you have. So, if you want to start getting brand deals, make sure to work on growing your audience. offers great tools that will help any beginning online star. 

How good is your content? 

Consistent growth of your audience is a solid indicator of high-quality content. This means that your followers are enjoying what you post and enthusiastically share it with their own audiences or friends. This is a never-ending chain of followers that can only be broken by a drop in the quality of your content. A piece of good advice for anyone seeing consistent growth in the number of their followers is not to rush to change things. Of course, you should always strive for better, but drastically changing your working strategy is not the smartest move. If there are new things you want to try, add them to your strategy steadily, or even better, ask your audience if it is something they would be interested in. 

Stage for promotion

Let’s suppose that you already have a huge following and want to do some good in the world. The easiest (but not ineffective) thing you can do is show the charitable cause of your interest to your audience. Those who follow you will likely repost, donate, and share. Such campaigns usually have pretty good results and impact our world in the most positive of ways. The same tactic can also be applied to business. Share your endeavors with your audience and you won’t have to wait long till you welcome your first customers. If there are no followers, there can be no impact or business prospects. If you’re currently struggling to get your numbers up, you might want to consider boosting your profile with about 1000 free tiktok likes. 

Staying down-to-earth

A huge number of followers is both the cause and the solution when it comes to getting in over your head. Popularity can get into anyone’s head and it does in many different ways. Having an audience that is quick to share their opinion on anything you do might be a blessing in disguise in such cases. Your audience will make sure you keep yourself in check at all times. This can also be a great tool for discipline and motivation. Let’s say, you have a blog where you share your artwork. People are always striving for more. Remembering this will motivate and inspire you to put more time into your work. 

Free ads

If you are or have a brand that you’re looking to promote, your followers will happily do it for you free of charge. And the best part is that organic promotion tends to be the best form of promotion a business can ask for. Studies show that people respond to recommendations from their friends, family, or colleagues far better than to meticulously planned ad campaigns. The more followers can share their love for your product with their own audiences, the better for you. 

Shahbaz Ahmed
Author: Shahbaz Ahmed

My name is Shahbaz Ahmed. I am author on Ventsmagazine. For any business query, you can contact me at [email protected]

About Shahbaz Ahmed

My name is Shahbaz Ahmed. I am author on Ventsmagazine. For any business query, you can contact me at [email protected]

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