Drip Gym on How Infusion Therapy Made it Mainstream and Why You Should Try It

One of the most exciting new trends in the medical field is IV drip therapy, but is it just a fad, or is it here to stay? New York-based infusion center Drip Gym specializes in providing their patients with relief using IV drip therapy and other forms of alternative treatment. In their experience, they have seen IV drip therapy not just offer their patients relief but entirely change patients’ lives for the better.

IV drip therapy is an alternative form of treatment in which patients receive a specially-crafted combination of compounds directly into their bloodstream via intravenous infusion. IV administration has long been used in healthcare settings to administer drugs and medicines in emergencies where an immediate effect is critical. However, medical practitioners have only recently begun using it as a treatment method in regular care.

What is IV drip therapy?

As part of IV drip therapy, qualified medical practitioners will work with patients to determine a customized treatment plan that will most benefit the patient and relieve their specific condition. These specifically-tailored blends of vitamins and other compounds have been formulated to rejuvenate and replenish the body with valuable nutrients, leaving the patient feeling refreshed. Because of the customized formulas, IV drip therapy tends to be far more effective than general multivitamins that are unable to be tailored to the patient’s individual needs.

Patients can seek out IV drip therapy as a treatment for various conditions, from fatigue to promoting weight loss or a healthy immune system. The variety of vitamins and compounds used by the infusion center in these “cocktails” affect the body in ways that boost their metabolism or immune response and give the patient a much-needed boost of energy.

One of the most popular reasons patients try IV therapy from Drip Gym and other infusion centers around the country is for hangover relief. Drip Gym’s highly effective hangover cure provides patients with a combination of sodium chloride, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B-complex, vitamin B-12, amino acids, vitamin C, and a glutathione push, providing patients with relief from even the peskiest hangover symptoms.

Why IV drip therapy is an effective treatment method

Another benefit of IV-administered drip therapy, as opposed to orally-administered vitamins, is that IV administration allows immediate and complete bioavailability. When someone takes or is administered an oral vitamin, it must enter and pass through their digestive system. During this process, up to 80% of the nutrients are lost to excretion, and it takes significant time for the body to absorb and be able to use that remaining 20%.

Additionally, delivering higher concentrations of vitamins via oral administration can cause significant irritation to the digestive system. Since IV drip therapy bypasses the digestive system altogether by delivering the compounds directly into the patient’s bloodstream, patients do not have to worry about side effects such as upset stomachs.

Indeed, as long as a trained and qualified medical professional administers a patient’s IV drip therapy, it is a completely safe treatment method for several different conditions. Side effects are minimal, with some mildly negative experiences causing a mild burning sensation at the puncture site. However, an experienced practitioner will know whether this is due to an acidic drip or a disrupted IV and will be able to quickly resolve it to ensure patient comfort.

Patients who try IV drip therapy tend to come back repeatedly because of the relief it can provide and its efficiency over other forms of treatment, including orally-administered vitamins and supplements. Infusion centers such as Drip Gym are leading the charge in providing patients with revolutionary and innovative forms of care, making patients’ lives better and more comfortable.

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