Top 6 strategies for playing slots online

Are you trapped in a difficult financial situation due to quarantine and looking for an additional source of income? One of the best things you can do is play online slots in the online casino Booi. Knowing certain strategies and using bonus promo codes can easily save you good money. The best gaming systems have been described in detail in our article.

Chicken Strategy

Despite the funny name, the “Chicken” strategy is a pretty effective strategy. Essentially, the player should not repeat slots in the same game session. The undeniable advantage of this system is that it can be successfully combined with other game schemes, which we will describe below. To apply this strategy in practice, the first thing to do is to set the budget for a session. This amount should be divided by the number of slots on which the game will be played. Let’s take an example to make it easier to understand: the bankroll is $500, the number of slots is 5. Consequently, $100 is allocated for each game. When $100 is burned, another game must be chosen. The “chicken” method, among other things, is excellent for disciplining novice players. They learn not to succumb to emotions and enthusiasm and to clearly follow the designated algorithm.

Strategy “Zigzag”

This scheme is based on visual observation of the slot. It is necessary to establish successful combinations and then look for them on other reels. If the slot is lucky, it has the following arrangement of symbols:

  • V-shaped;
  • Diagonally;
  • Diamond-shaped.

It’s possible to stray from the patterns and find your own lucky “zigzags”. However, this will take time and experience. You can test this strategy in Lucky Dragon online slot.

The d’Alamber strategy

This scheme is played by many players. The game should involve a single line. The first bet must meet the minimum limit. But after each firing, it should be increased by an amount equal to the initial one. And after we win, we start again. The logic of this system is very simple: a series of failures will stop anyway. The winnings will cover all expenses and bring in a good income. It should be noted that d’Alambera’s strategy involves a long game in which wins and losses alternate constantly. It is therefore only suitable for diligent and persistent players who aim to win.

One Line Strategy

Choosing this strategy, you should play the game on one line of the reel. Bets should be made according to the scheme: 1-2-4-10-20-50-100. You can play multiple slots at the same time. If the 7-step scheme has ended, it must be run again.

Small steps strategy

The scheme, for the most part, attracts beginner players by its simplicity, but at the same time by its efficiency. Its main objective is to gradually increase the betting limit. As practice shows, the first few spins of the reel in this slot are the biggest losers. Therefore, all the player’s attempts to snatch the jackpot for a small period of time are failures. But by applying this strategy, you can change this pattern. The scheme is as follows: determine the minimum bet size, in the 5th round of the game increase it by half, then as the game progresses – in threes and fours. After 15-20 spins the “white” line appears, and the player has every chance to get a high score.

Smart Gambler Strategy

With this system, it is possible to double your winnings. The main thing is to use the minimum bet. If played, it should be doubled. Play according to the Smart Gambler scheme until the number of winnings reaches the desired amount. When you start playing, you need to consider a few key points. First, how long the game will last? This time frame should be divided into a single round. This way you can determine the number of rounds. Secondly, a budget must be set. Thirdly, the size of the desired winnings must be determined.

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Author: Mubashir Ali

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About Mubashir Ali

I am Mubashir Ali.I am SEO expert.Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Email: [email protected] Website:

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