The Massive Temptation of Wine Glasses – It’s Fine to Fall for One or Many and Bring It Home

You must have seen images of wine poured into wine glasses on magazines and on Pinterest! It looks classy and appetizing. And it’s not just about the setting, arrangements, or lighting. The wine glasses go a long way in creating the scenic backdrop.

Today, various wine glasses come in multiple shapes and sizes to serve different wines. And each looks attractive, making the wine enthusiast desire to own one or many! To check out more, you can browse through Taste of Purple.

Dig deep into the beautiful domain of wine glasses, and you will find attractive options. The popular ones are:

  1. Boudreaux glass

The Boudreaux wine glass is the apt foundation to start profiling the best wine glassware. It is tall and proportionate compared to any other glass, and it comes with a thin, lean bow and a long stem. The long but small bowl allows the wine to move through the back of the tongue. Also, the shape is best for the full-bodied, rich, and mouth-coating red wines that can taste very sharp when they coat the overall tongue in one go.

  • Cabernet glass

The Cabernet glasses gets designed for focusing and bringing to light the aroma. The burgundy-style bowls can slope upward narrowly to create a tight, small rim without leaving much space for the natural air passage. People who use this glass, usually witness the concentrated aromas. The wide bowl can ensure correct aeration of the content, with smells and sips that get funneled through their mouth. Altogether, all these features can come up with glassware that is best for red wines, along with bold, sharp tannins that can soften the breathable bowl and still come up with a mouth-drying sensation on getting to the tongue.

  • Burgundy glass

These glasses have similar proportion and also has a wider bowl, which is its signature feature. The dimensions of the glass make it apt for delicate, fragrant, and soft red wines. The easy-to-hold stem and the wide bowl will enable the drinkers to swirl the wine and unleash the aromas and flavors that can hide inside the lean glassware. The shape of the bowl ensures that the wine first hits the tongue tip prior to moving to other areas of the mouth so that you can have an aftertaste.

  • Pinot Noir glass

The Pinot Noir-style glasses are considered unique. One of the best features of the glasses are that they are wide, have flared lips, and have a generous bowl. The rim gets turned out from the glass instead of it being straight and smooth. All these flared rims usually provide ample style to this wine glass and add a visual edge to it. If you are thinking about making a collection, you can go ahead and impress people in your family and the ones who will visit you.

  • Shiraz glass

This glass is a close cousin of the cabernet glasses. Similar to the can comrade, the shiraz glassware also comprises an oxygen-tapping, wide bowl with a slim, tapered rim that funnels the beverage to the mouth. The sips from this glass will balance the tannins that are innate to the varietal sharing the name while pushing the concentrated notes forward. Also, altogether all these features offer a well-rounded and complex drinking experience for the dense, full-bodied red wine which can get overpowering and sometimes astringent.

  • Port glass

Most people consider this as a dessert wine! The wine derives its name from Portugal, where this delightful beverage is considered an aperitif after dinner. Since this wine has a dessert and heavy palate, the glasses used for serving port wine are generally stouter and shorter compared to various other glassware. The correct port serving is close to three ounces, in comparison to the 5-to-6-ounce pours which are standard for white and red wine. The glassware dedicated to the port wine is a mini format of Bordeaux glass, with a small bowl that is proportionate to the small rim.

  • Chardonnay glass

Most wine enthusiasts will consider the chardonnay glassware as a universal white wine glass! The all-purpose design has a semblance to the pinot noir glass. That means it can get centered in the wide bowl and is more tapered. On the other hand, the chardonnay glass doesn’t have flared lips, which maintains the classic U-shaped design that rests on the medium-length stem. Finally, chardonnay glasses also possess a small stature.

These are a few popular wine glasses that you can choose from based on the type of wine you choose to use and serve to your guests or family members. Ensure that you get in touch with a leading wine glass provider to get the total value of the money and durable, quality products.

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