Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions to Release Debut Album 25 Years In The Making

The First Two Singles “Fool Outta Me” & “Twisted Minds” Are Out Now

(Park City, UT) October 12, 2022 – The blues rock band, Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions, are unrestricted by the bounds of genre, but when you listen you will hear blues tinged Rock N Roll. A force to be reckoned with, Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions will be releasing all tracks as singles leading up to the 2023 release of the full album Destiny Road.

Destiny Road was initially set for release in the summer of 1997, using Jefferson Airplane’s old 2″ 16 Track AMPEX recording machine. The band underwent multiple personal battles and the music could not materialize. But now, having gotten back together with a new line up, the Manic Emotions are now ready to finally share their work.

Two singles are available now. “Fool Outta Me,” is a heavy hitting pop rock song with a dream-like 80’s inspired quality to it, reminiscent of Pink Floyd meets Bon Jovi.

The second is “Twisted Minds,” a rock song with screeching guitar solos and a wailing keyboard. It has a softer Ozzy Osborrne meets The Rolling Stones musicality.

“Fool Outta Me” • Listen here.

It’s about a one sided dysfunctional and unrequited love. The subject has had enough and is calling it quits. The music is symbiotic with the person’s fatigue and finally making a stand. “The lyrics were inspired by one of my own failed relationships where my emotions and effort were not returned,” shares Gary.He has a penchant for strong vocals and lyrics that deal with the emotional upheaval mirroring many of his true-life experiences and mental challenges. The song grabs you from the strong hard-hitting introduction and weaves in the deftly played guitar melodies and rhythm and searing leads. Jerry Manfredi and Jethro Defries lay down a rock-solid rhythm foundation while Gary Dranow and Tommy Mars (Frank Zappa Band) supply the fireworks in this original rock song about unrequited love and the frustrations of being in a one-way relationship

“Twisted Minds” • Listen here.

An unmistakable Dranow trip through emotional upheaval and on point lyrical imagery, it’s an energetic and cathartic song about the insanity of loving someone with an unhinged mind. The song starts on a dramatic note then weaves together elements of hard rock and post punk. Chris Zoupa brings heavy metal guitar solos to a distinct chord progression. Lyrics like “Infatuation takes the blame, what does it matter, when your living in lies, you lose the game” sets the table for a fare of emotional angst and once again the trauma of dysfunctional relationships, of which Dranow has had many in his 50 years of trying to find lasting love. He explores this in other tracks on this wild ride of an album.

The band is currently playing regularly in and around their hometown of Park City, Utah.

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