Baby Racks Releases Music Video Featuring Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane just introduced his new artist Baby Racks to the world with a music video released on his YouTube channel. Baby Racks is one of the newest artists Gucci Mane has recently signed to his new 1017 record label.

Baby Racks just released his first single featuring Gucci Mane called “Look Ma I Did It“. Fans who had been following Baby Racks earlier career quickly noticed the song is actually a remix to a single Baby Racks dropped previously with the same title.

We had a chance to interview Baby Racks at Vents Magazine and ask him a few questions about his recent release with 1017.

Where did you grow up?

I was born march 15th 1994 in Columbus Georgia, it’s about a hour 30 from us here I grew up in my grandmother house wit my mother auntie lil brother in a 3 bedroom.

What was life like as a child in your neighborhood?

It was the trenches the usual stuff in the hood, crackheads, shoot outs, robberies, stolen cars, drugs, money, murders but I stayed out the way. Growing up I usually jus played basketball up the street from my grandmother house it was a concrete court so I spent most of my time there until I reached 9th Grade.

What high school did you attend?

I went to Northside High School made the basketball team everything was fine until I got expelled for getting caught with weed. Then went to Shaw High School, sold candy thru the halls then eventually got kicked out, I had too many write ups. Then I went to Carver High School and then I went to Kendrick High School and graduated from there in 2012.

What type of jobs or hustles did you have other than selling candy?

My first job was in the Peach Tree Mall then worked at Dunkin’ Donuts and also Longhorn Steakhouse. I’m not thinking bout rapping around this time at all I’m just hustling and tryna figure out life at this point. Then I got my CDL at 23 and drove trucks for about 3 years.

So when did you actually start getting into making music?

I came back to Columbus when I was 26, then I started rapping that summer 2020. I recorded about 20 songs in that time period. “Look Ma I Did It” and “Baby Racks Flow” was one of the first songs I recorde. I released my first song and video the following year “Baby Racks Flow” then “Look Ma I Did It” was the next video that came out. I started going viral on twitter by spamming under viral tweets and it took off.

What inspired you to start making make music all of a sudden?

I felt like I could do it, I been freestyling while I was driving a truck and writing raps in my notes to beats. I took it serious when I recorded my first song, I never released the song but I knew I could do it at that point. I started goin to the studio like every week and recorded more and more, then started shooting videos. Then I went back home got on twitter and started promoting.

Amazing story, and how did you end up linking up with 1017?

Thru instagram, Gucci hit me on a Tuesday morning in July and said “wassup wit it what’s yo number?”

I sent my number he text me and said “what we doin?” I said let’s make history he immediately called me. Me and Gucci first conversation was about 45 mins he asked me what I wanted to do wit my music career stay independent or sign to him and i obviously chose to sign to him haha.

Gucci sent the contract that same day my lawyer looked over it and we sent back a signed contract on Thursday and I met with him in Vegas for the first time in Las Vegas that Saturday that’s where we shot the “Look Ma I Did It” video.

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