Serious action by Serbian law enforcement agencies due to internet violence

Authorities in Serbia launched several investigations against Bogdan Ilic, also known as Baka Prase. Specifically, the Prosecutor’s Office for High-Tech Crime and the police launched a thorough investigation into all illegal acts committed on Ilic’s YouTube accounts as well as Instagram account and other social networks, where he had promoted drugs and crypto scams, committed violence against women and sexually harassed minors. The Internal Revenue Fraud Department is investigating suspicions of tax evasion.

Several leading companies and number of citizens were victims of distress, various forms of violence and harassment via Instagram profile of Bogdan Ilic @Bakaprase and repeatedly complained about it through different platforms. Therefore, the Serbian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office urges Meta representatives to come forward and explain why the Instagram profile of Bogdan Ilic @Bakaprase has yet to be terminated.

Google had already responded to the sexual exploitation of minors, as well as to the advertising of the crypto scams via Bogdan Ilic’s platforms; his YouTube channels, starting  from @Bakaprase and @BakapraseTV, which were shut down, to the still existing channels @Bakasepra, @Bakaprase 2 and  @Bakatebra. Simultaneously, they reacted to the internet violence, harassment and insulting of the young YouTuber Kristina Kika Djukic, which led her to committing suicide.

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