Six Ways to Stay Ahead of Competitors in Business by Mavie Global

The competition in the business world is cutthroat, particularly in sectors where competitors are active and when consumer spending is declining due to the ongoing recession everywhere. According to Mavie Global, many different types of businesses are propelled forward by competition. Most companies are started because their founders believe they have a better concept than what is currently being provided by other companies operating in the same market. They have a strong desire to see it become real.

Most founders are driven to start their businesses with at least some competitiveness. Those intelligent and dedicated individuals can develop their ideas into sustainable firms that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those they are competing with, if not even a bit ahead of them.

However, those same opponents will unquestionably have the same motive, and they will make every effort to negate whatever advantages you may have been able to establish and take advantage of in the past. It’s a lot like a game of chess, except it’s played over months and years, and many people are competing against each other and trying to have the upper hand. Mavie Global has put together some suggestions to strengthen your market position and establish a competitive advantage for yourself. Thank you very much.

1.   Know Your Competitors

 Research them if you are unsure who your rivals are. What makes them unique is their sting suits and more. What are they offering? Identifying your competitors will give you an idea of the areas you need to compete in and give you a basis to differentiate your company. Identify the flaws of your competitors and use them. Weaknesses are pretty easy to discover. You must keep track of their in-and-out goods and services, their frequent customers or clients, and what they do to please them. Mavie Global suggests that knowing your competitors helps you discover your competitive advantage and the other ways you can effectively harness it.

2.   Know and Look After Your Customers

A customer survey is a fast and easy way to know your customers. It would be best to understand that customers come and go as their expectations change drastically. Check out what your customers want: a price reduction, an upgrade of goods or services, etc. Consider giving out low-cost gains or gifts such as loyalty schemes. It is far cheaper and easier to maintain existing customers than to find new ones.

Customers are the main backbone of any business, so they must always be considered if you want to win their loyalty consistently. Learn what your target customers want, keep in contact with them, ask for their suggestions, and listen to their complaints. Let your firm make your customers feel right, boost their egos, and make them feel special and wanted. You can’t seek to sell your product without considering your customers. Customers feel they have to take their money elsewhere, making them feel special.

3.   Be Different

Giving your customers good reasons to come to you, rather than a rival, is essential. You can do this by working on your customer value proposition and learning to tap into what customers want. It should be obvious – no one should ask what makes you different. Simple things such as painting the front of your office can make your business look more exciting and inviting. Make your business cards more captivating, have more social media presence, a website, branded packaging, clothing, etc. Does your image reflect your business well? That’s a question to be discussed in differentiating your business.

4.   Step Up Your Marketing and Expand

Make more of an effort to tell people who you are, what makes you unique, what you offer, and why you think they should patronize you. It does not have to be over the top – promotional ideas can range from advertisements on the internet to campaigns on social media and more. Any new features or prices you implement will likely elicit a customer response, and you should be prepared to deal with that response.

Also, target new ground. Going into more markets can increase your customer base and spread your risk. Are there other customers similar to the existing target market that you missed out on? Will selling online or overseas give you a broader market and more customers? Make sure you dig deep into different market sectors. Expand your services or goods. Add new products or services that your customers might be interested in. Don’t just guess. ASK!

5.   Keep Up with the Trends

 We live in a digital age where the demands of consumers are changing and getting more electronic consistently. Stay updated with the latest digital improvements to offer your customers the best experience. People are very concerned about maintaining their social credibility and are willing to part with their money to acquire social currency to satisfy their need to be respected and admired by the general public. Mavie Global suggests that a relatively easy way to beat your competitors is by creating a name for yourself that makes your customers and to-be customers feel like they have or will be measuring up socially. Hence, it becomes a good thing to be associated with your business.

6.   Be Strategic and Look Into the Future

 You cannot compete against your competitors without a working strategy, and your strategies should capitalize on the weaknesses of your competitor’s business and your strengths. A strategy is vital because you need to understand where to put your money to increase your overall business output. Also, when bringing up strategies for your business, make them easy to change and not rigid. As time goes by, they must be easily adaptable.

One common mistake business owners fall prey to is thinking customers would always be there because they have stuck to their business strategy for years and have always been getting results. However, as more businesses keep coming up, your customers have more options to pick from. It is the digital and electronic century, and it no longer means anything about who started first but who has the most acceptable strategy for the customer. Mavie Global believes that businesses that plan for growth and upgrades are more successful than those that remain rigid. Keep up with developments in your field, follow consumer trends, and invest in new technology. Have a clear idea of where you want to be in one, three, and five years.


There are many struggles due to competition within businesses, which harms many people. Business competition can drastically harm small businesses through various labor costs, production, and price factors. When a market is competitive, businesses offer more significant incentives, lower prices, improve the quality of their products and services, and provide buyers with more options. Companies must innovate to make their products different and better than the rest.

Mavie Global suggests that firms and businesses need to be on their A-game to stay productive and relevant. Putting it together, they need to: know their competitors, have all the information they need ready, know their customers, listen to and try their best to please them, expand their business if need be; update their products and add new ones if necessary, be up to date about goods and services that concern them, be strategic and also plan for the future.

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Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Andre Matthew, based in California. andrematthew209533{@}

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