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Singer/songwriter Lenni Revel is getting set to release her 8 song album, Unbroken, with her 3rd release “Till Only Love Remains.” Lenni’s aesthetic encompasses outlaw country and anthemic pop-rock. She is a dynamically expressive singer with a voice that spans scrubbed-raw soulfulness to deep, velvety tones. Lenni’s voice has earned comparisons to Stevie Nicks, Fiona Apple, Miley Cyrus, Norah Jones, and Lana Del Ray. She co-wrote the Unbroken album collaboratively to Unbroken. Lenni and Robert’s creative partnership is reminiscent of Elton John and Bernie Taupin, where Elton is out front in the limelight and Bernie is the trusted songwriting collaborator, ever present behind the scenes.

We spoke with Lenni about her single and her journey as an artist. Let’s dive in:

Congrats on your latest release “Till Only Love Remains.” What can you tell us about the song? What does it mean to you?

My husband, Robert Revel, wrote this song, long before we met. The original version of it had a different title and a different chorus. It was a haunting ballad; really very beautiful as it stood before the changes. As I worked with it though, I felt it needed some chorus development. Robert ended up borrowing a line from a poem he had written many years ago titled, “Till Only Love Remains,” and crafted that phrase into a new chorus. The sentiment of this song is so simple and yet, one could ruminate on it for a lifetime. Simple things are often the most powerful, don’t you think?

You were previously part of the music industry; you even had an indie publishing deal with your song “I Like It.” What was the driving force that brought you back into this world?


Two years ago, I had no intention of ever getting back into music professionally. The beginning of my return to music started with the first covid lockdown. I took the time at home to start learning piano. Robert had a catalog of music he had written over decades before we met, so that was where I started. I learned enough chords to start playing and singing his songs and things just evolved. Both of my parents were touring musicians in the 1980s, mom on lead vocals and bass and my dad on drums. We convinced my mom to dust her bass off after 32 years and start playing again. Dad has always continued to be an active drummer, so together with my parents and Robert on guitar, we started jamming in our garage and playing the songs Robert had written. We recorded about 25 demo songs and started sharing the songs with friends and family. The whole thing felt alive and full of juice, so we kept taking the next most obvious step. At first, the album was just going to be a little family heirloom for us to enjoy. But once we met Jason Lowrie and hired him as the producer, the project began to feel larger than just a family keepsake. We were completely taken by surprise at the finished album. There was a magic and power in it. We fell in love with it, and so did everyone we could play it for, including some long-standing industry professionals. So, we decided to turn our lives over to serving this music and trying to get it out to the world.

How do you write music? What’s your approach?

I’m just beginning to write songs. Robert has taught me to start with the feeling. Whether that means chords come first or a lyric comes first. Start with the feeling. Get very clear on what that texture is and then allow the song to come through you. Robert is very good at this when he writes, and I feel very inspired by his approach.

You released the music video for “Till Only Love Remains” in tandem with the song. What was that process like?

For all of the single releases, we chose to put the song out at the same time as the music video. I think for us, while we’re building the community of fans and building awareness around the album, the corresponding music videos have been essential to the release. Whether they like the songs or not, they can see where my heart is on those videos, and that is as important to me as the music. I want to know where an artist is coming from, and whether there is pretense or not, for me that is essential. I don’t just want to be an entertainer. The medium of music has so much potential to be life serving, to make the world a better place, and you must be an artist to do that.

What do you hope your listeners get from listening to it?

Someone recently left a YouTube comment on the “Till Only Love Remains” music video and they said “Very profound, emotional lyrics… with Hurricanes just passing through Florida and Puerto Rico, all the violence in the world, the political, race and religious wars, etc. This song resonates a message that everyone should take heed. Nothing left until only love remains.” I think that says it beautifully. The world does feel crazy when we try to think about it all at once. But if we can pair it down to what really matters, life can feel a lot more manageable. And I think love is a universal truth; the driving force of all living things. I hope this song can bring us home to that within ourselves. 

Which famous musician has been your biggest source of inspiration?

Songwriting: Leonard Cohen. Vocal Craft: Beth Hart. Live Performance: Stevie Ray Vaughn.

What can you tell us about your upcoming album, Unbroken?

Unbroken is a journey. It is my journey. It is my husband’s journey. And it is the journey of everyone who feels at the depth the songs are written to be felt. It fits the definition of a concept album because it is thematically tied; there is a throughline from top to bottom–first note to last. But ironically, Unbroken is about freedom from concepts and ideas; freedom from evaluations and assessments; Freedom from right and wrong. It is instead about moving into the wild places of the heart that make no sense but where the heart of existence lives. It is about risking it all for no certain or logical reason. Sometimes the wisest counsel is simply a gut level sense of things, and it takes a lot of courage to follow that. Unbroken is a celebration of the return to the soul, where the wild things are. And it is a bow to the heart, where love, the wisest counselor of all resides.

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