From Inside: On the recording set of the new music video for Msb 

It’s a sunny Sunday in Barcelona. We are summoned at 15:30 in the Spanish afternoon; Barcelona is a city that brings together calm after its long Saturday nights. The place is quite central but weird. We couldn’t expect less; It’s a narrow and neglected street, nothing to do with the ones we had previously walked through this beautiful coastal city. A nice, medium-height girl with a camera in her hand greets us: Ana ( who, in perfect English, shows us the entrance to a nice place full of sofas, tables and recording materials. She tells us that Mario or Msb (@msbmario_milan) as the vast majority know him has not yet arrived but that he has to arrive “At some point he always appears, don’t worry”. A small staircase surrounded by a garden leads us to a second floor. Ana tells us whilst leading the way “We recorded here today, with Alvaro, the cameraman, I am the photographer, as we do not usually have much time, we take pictures while we record”. 

The studio is huge and full of lighting, tripods, cameras and other recording equipment. Álvaro (@rubiomateu) is in the middle, setting up some huge lights that hang from the ceiling. “They should be on, but on a Sunday it’s complicated”, he says, as he introduces himself with a smile and a conciliatory hand. “We’re waiting for the kid, you can sit wherever you want”. The truth is that the good atmosphere reigns. In the background, what we can intuit is the song of the recording; Ana, seeing our faces, confirms: “Yes, this is a bit of a beast”. And at that moment is where we realize how necessary “El Niño de la Pili” is, the Catalan musician, composer and writer who during this year has been embedded in that musical subculture of the streets. How? Well; when you say Msb directly you think of Blanko; “Viene nuevecito pero lo entrego Blanko” Alvaro laughs at us as we repeat it out loud but that’s the way it is, despite the criticism, Msb as Ana rightly says: “That’s it, tell him to do one thing, he’ll do the opposite”. The contrariety of art, Mario, who bears the name of his mother and the style of that carefree tone that he feels free to create. The song is on a loop on the set and Alvaro is placing the cameras like on a chessboard “All well prepared, friends”. Ana, after looking at her phone, tells us that the protagonist of all this has already arrived. We will not hide our nervousness before this enigmatic character, who appears little and concisely on the networks. As he has already made us wait 1 hour, it takes seconds for a huge hat bordered in shades of brown to appear. He’s accompanied by a nice medium height girl who carries a bag where Mario lays the blame for the delay “a lot of magic yesterday, brothers”. She laughs as she greets Alvaro and Ana and smiles at us. El Niño de la Pili is energy, that is, the set was ready, now it was really busy and it shows. Mario handles the computer quickly giving Alvaro the last instructions “He never explains what we are going to do until he arrives” he reaffirms us in the background, while Msb changes her clothes, just like that, there in the middle “I’m a museum, I don’t need to cover up” he laughs and everyone already knows his irony from what we understand. 

Álvaro and Mario take a few minutes to connect. Msb indicates the rhythm and take after take executes some movements that seem to be by chance, taken from those nights that don’t end but nothing is further from reality, “You can ask me if you want, I’m a woman, I can do several things at the same time” He laughs, makes jokes with Ana, who moves subtly behind all the orchestrated lights to find the perfect pose “I’ve known Ana for a long time, she’s my soulmate, she’s incredible, she always helps me. With Alvaro we share smoke in the same association, and… she’s my sister, and as a good Jesus Christ I always try to be close to my sisters” reaffirms “El Niño de la Pili” who says that he has prepared the single “for next Friday” but everyone those of us who follow Mario know that believing his dates is playing at random. That beautiful mystery that has been lost between marketing, social networks and major record companies, where everything already seems too obvious, too flat, and that’s where Mario takes the opportunity to be the most irregular “I have to make a pit stop”. The truth is that the substances are visible on the set, where no one (except us) seems to be surprised by the situation “You drink coffee every morning. I take sugar without coffee, similar” El Niño de la Pili expresses himself while **We’re not going to give details since the platform is for all ages**. The dress or trench coat he’s wearing (we couldn’t specify because Mario says it is a tunic) is absolutely disturbing and we believe that this is what Mario is constantly looking for, to which Ana warns in the background “You can’t smoke here Mario, we have an hour left” It seems that this group of passionate guys is used to working like this, naturally and quickly, as the world moves today. Msb in the background replies to Ana “Now you can”. At the end of **We’re not going to give details since the platform is for all ages ** Mario returns to the initial position, under the lights, surrounded by a huge white stage that hurts the eyes. And while we watch it is where we realize that “El Niño de la Pili” is just that: a distorting element between an immaculate white. In a world where everything seems to tend towards generalized beauty and automatically guided paths, Mario produces the opposite direction. “I’m the king of the rebels” he laughs as Álvaro is heard asking for a few last shots. We stayed in the corner of the nice sofa. Watching as a Msb Sunday shows us that being yourself is all the art you need. Alvaro lets out an “it’s a wrap” and Ana shoots some last photos “the ones you want, we’ll retouch them now” It seems good to us, both Barcelona, ​​like Mario, like Msb, like their photos. The smell of **We’re not going to give details since the platform is for all ages** is tremendously strong in the place. Mario says goodbye to us saying “Thanks for coming, don’t do it anymore” his smile once again marks the path of that double meaning with which Mario plays the magnet game. Opposite poles always attract you. And it’s true; A pleasure to have been in the recording. We pay attention to Msb and his “the song is called Marrakech” he says when we are already leaving, then he laughs and we don’t know, again, if he’s serious or if it is art. We don’t care, because the image of him has remained engraved in our heads. 

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RJ Frometa
Author: RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

About RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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