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Why Hire Offshore Software Development Company in India Over a Freelancer?

Are you in a dilemma about whether to hire freelancers or an agency for software development? Undoubtedly, it’s a topic of debate. However, most brands prefer an offshore software development company in India over a freelancer. Nevertheless, hiring freelancers isn’t a bad deal.

But collaborating with an agency for software developers is better and more beneficial. An agency can offer your brand way more benefits and facilities than independent freelancers. Still not sure about hiring an agency? Here are some major reasons to do so.

Dedicated Attention to Each Development Stage

An offshore software development company in India can take over the responsibility of your whole software development cycle. They will help you with business analysis, idea evaluation and consulting. These areas of your business are highly important, especially when you have just started out in the sector.

The whole software development process requires experts from various fields like business analysts, developers etc. Each expert will give dedicated attention to each development stage. Freelancers won’t be able to offer separate attention to each area of your project. Thus, hiring an agency would be a much better deal than working with freelancers.

An Agency Can Serve You as a team

An agency provides you with a dedicated team of highly experienced and skilled tech-savvy for your project. The best part about this team is you can add or remove an expert depending upon the changing project requirements. In other words, an agency can offer you custom software development services which freelancers don’t.

Besides, hire dedicated software developers in the market, who have advanced technical skills. But they can’t offer you facilities like a customised team. If you are a well-established brand, working with an agency would be highly advantageous as they can serve you as a team.

You Can’t Enjoy Diverse Expertise With a Freelancer

Another huge benefit of hiring an offshore software development company in India over freelancers is diverse skills and expertise. Hiring an agency means getting a box filled with professionals – developers, designers, project managers, etc – who mastered advanced skills and has high-valued knowledge.

A software development company will assign dedicated experts, depending upon the need of your project. So unlike freelancers who can serve a limited need of skills, an agency goes way beyond them. Moreover, you’ll be kept in the loop with which professional is working on which part of the software development process.

Use of Latest Trends and Technologies

Every business wants to get ahead of their competition. Chances are you might want the same. To do so, you need advanced technologies and implementation of latest trends into your project. You can get both these facilities with a software development agency. Unlike freelancers, who’s limited to a few softwares and tools, an agency has much larger options of technologies.

An agency is financially capable to invest in advanced high-tech tools, which most freelancers aren’t. Plus, an agency has a dedicated team of experts who keep constant eyes on all the latest market trends. Thus, with the combination of latest technologies and trends, an agency can give you better results than a freelancer.

Ongoing maintenance and Support

We are all aware that when it comes to software development projects, the launch is far from the end.Freelance developers will almost certainly include time for post-launch bug fixing in their initial quote, but the more complex your project, the more likely you’ll be paying for additional maintenance out of pocket.

When it comes to software development cost and ROI, it is worthwhile to invest in the long-term services that come standard with an offshore software development company in India.

Final Words

If you plan to get started with offshoring software development, hiring an offshore agency like Websmith Solution would be a better choice. Above, we have shared major reasons why it’s worth hiring an agency over freelancers. So if you didn’t have clarity before, we hope reading today’s blog got you some.

Also, if you are clear about your choice, don’t mind giving some of the clarity to your acquaintances. Share this blog with all your business friends and partners. Let them know why it’s worth working with an agency over freelancers.

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Author: Cheryl Salinas

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Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast| [email protected]

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