HBO Max Drops New “Doom Patrol” Season 4 Trailer, Announces Premiere Date

Back in 1963 when DC premiered its altogether different superhero group The Doom Patrol in the pages of anthology title My Greatest Adventure, it’s a pretty safe bet to say that comic book readers had never seen an assemblage of long underwear types quite like this odd mash-up. Comprised of central characters The Chief, Robotman (a retro-fitted Golden Age character with some intriguing tweaks), Elasti-Girl and Negative Man, creators Arnold Drake and Bob Haney actually hit the ground running a few months before their Distinguished Competition over at Marvel unveiled their own off-the-beaten-path and motley crew of mutants and misfits known as The X-Men. Of course, it’s the X-Men that are most recognizable to audiences today, but thanks to a handful of writers and artists who followed Drake and Haney on chronicling the misadventures of The Doom Patrol (Paul Kupperberg, Grant Morrison) as well as a strong cult following, this is one band of heroes who have never completely gone gentle into that good night. Partial credit in recent years for that salient fact should be given to HBO Max’s uber-popular live-action adaptaion of Cliff, Rita, Larry and Niles titled – appropriately enough – The Doom Patrol. The series has hit a real stride with critics and fans alike, and now a fourth season is nigh upon us with news of a premiere date and a new trailer bestowed upon us by our Vertigo-lovin’ pals over at The Hollywood Reporter.

 Streaming behemoth HBO Max made a lot of fans at this year’s New York Comic Con happy with the news that their series The Doom Patrol was heading back for a fourth season starting on December 8. As if that early Christmas gift wasn’t enough, the benevolent gremlins also dropped a handy-dandy new trailer for the upcoming season, and you can feast your ever-lovin’ eyes on it right here!

 The new trailer for the returning series is definitely one for the ages: Featuring a rousing bit of music, the sneek peek introduces loyal audiences to a group of not-very-nice creatures known as the (ahem – wait for it…) “were-butts”, a group that HBO is refering to “as a weaponized force of nature.” We’ll go ahead and take them at their word, alright?

 So buckle up for the fourth season of The Doom Patrol; though the group proper has been around since ‘63, we got a strong hunch that they still have plenty of surprises up their proverbial sleeves for fans!

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