Alternative Artist, Svicideghost, Drops New Single “Sticks & Stones” of Self-Reflection Through Lyrical Honesty

The latest single of American songwriter, Svicideghost the moniker for Christopher Francis Chuilli, delivers raw emotions in “Sticks and Stones”. With a growing discography of songs with heavy self-reflection, suspending himself in emotion with his previous hit single “Orange In Black” followed by the heart felt lyrics of “Bones” it is only up from here for this Massachusetts artist.

Influenced by his favorite artists and bands like Fall Out Boy, Underoath, Mac Miller to name a few, and without taking on the persona of another artist but rather the lyrical honesty such as Mac Miller. Listening to Chuilli’s debut EP When I’m Gone from beginning to end introduced his audience to an emotional and for some a relatable story.

And now his new single “Sticks & Stones” is a step further in his wild journey. The song is built on guitar, synch elements wrapped in basslines and subdued drums and when Svicideghost’s words strike with “We were younger so much dumber…” you suddenly get the emo, pop punk, alternative vibes that Chuilli wants to deliver. As the song progresses and you sense the relation to his lyrics, the song bursts into a scream that will release anxiety. The build somehow makes you feel free.

It’s as he wants to narrate his innermost emotions about what he’s going through. He says, “This song is based on events that happened during and after the covid 19 pandemic. With myself losing an exceedingly close friend due to their personal insecurities and animosity towards myself without doing or knowing what I did to have them be this way towards me. As well as myself trying to move on from the situation realizing that people’s emotions of that magnitude can be very hurtful not only towards the person who holds onto that animosity but also towards others such as myself.” He then goes on to say, “Personal goal of mine is to have these songs I create and hopefully one day help others as music as helped me through good and bad times in my life. As long as I am making music I will always put in 100% to create the best music I can for others as well as myself.”

“Sticks & Stones” released on October 9, 2022 via Cage Riot Music Group. You can connect with Svicideghost here

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