9 Outfit Ideas that Complement Women’s Thongs

Today, we will discuss something that can make you appear more elegant and casual. Whereas it is good to dress smartly at the workplace on the weekdays, it is also essential that you get ways to show your different style all through the weekends. And, you can do that by wearing a pair of thong sandals with matching outfits. To know how to style them, here are some very nice women’s thongs outfit ideas for you.

1. Pink Women Thongs with Blue Denim Jacket & Blue Cropped Pants

To start this list of refreshing and cool outfit ideas, let us show you a beautiful outfit that you can adorn for hangouts and work on casual days. You can simply put on a white chiffon blouse with a blue-washed denim jacket. And pair them with blue-fit cropped tie waist pants. On top of that, you can embellish your look by wearing pink women’s thongs.

2. White Thongs with Pale Pink Cardigan & Mini Pleated Dress

To attain a business casual look, you can go with a bloom pink mini pleated shift dress with a pale pink cardigan. Apart from that, tie a narrow brown leather belt to surround both pieces to present yourself extra tall and stringy. In footwear, you can wear white thong sandals to make your outfit refreshing and unique.

3. Golden Thongs with Grey Bodycon Midi Dress

Did you know you can style your thong footwear in a highly classic way? To get this look, you will require a pair of golden flat thongs. You can match it with a grey cotton bodycon midi dress. Carry a small black clutch bag in combination to stay smart and casual.

4. Yellow Thongs White V Neck Tee, Straw Hat & Linen Pants

For a super cool and breezy outfit that is ideal for wearing at casual outdoor gatherings, you can dress up in a white V-neck breezy T-shirt with a pair of light linen jogger pants. To match shoes with this outfit, wear a pair of pale-yellow thong sandals to appear more refreshing and fashionable. You are good to go with a straw hat to get a more attractive look.

5. White Heeled Thongs with Black & White Printed Maxi Dress

To create this impressive and adorable cocktail party attire, you can put on a black and white printed waist maxi dress as the base of your ensemble. Match the dress with white strappy heeled women’s thongs to have a taller and leaner appearance. In addition, you can add a pale pink leather purse for a decked look.

6. Tribal Printed Mini Dress with Silver Thongs

For getting this appealing and unconventional outfit, you can adorn a black and white tribal printed flare mini dress to be the center of attraction. Carry a black shoulder leather purse to look more dignified. For the shoes, you can style a pair of white thongs to complement the outfit in a stimulating way.

7. Grey T-shirt Dress & Dark Blue Denim Jacket with Brown & Navy-blue Thongs

This is a very comfortable and trendy outfit that you can simply take off. Be clothed in a grey mini T-shirt dress with a dark blue expanded denim jacket. In shoes, you can style a pair of brown and navy-blue thongs. Use a brown leather clutch into the combination to update a complete look.

8. Nude Thongs with Blue & White Floral Print Blouse & Flowy Shorts

This is a graceful and refreshing outfit that you can dress up for work on casual days or for outings. To build up this look, you can enrobe a floral printed white & blue short sleeve blouse and match it with blue high-rise mini shorts. Keep a white leather bag and nude flat thongs for a completely fresh look.

9. Brown Thongs with White Side Slit Mini Dress

This makes a very exquisite beach outfit. You can look beautiful with a white T-shirt and mini blue shorts in a white side-high split lace mini dress. Combine them with brown women’s thong sandals to bring up the attire in a different way.


We hope you like the above women’s thongs outfit ideas. Try them and get the most refreshing and breezy look. If you want more thong sandal options, you can browse Ipanema.

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