Stephen King Book “Fairy Tale” Headed to Movie Screens from Universal and Paul Greengrass

In case there was ever any doubt, let it be known far and wide that author Stephen King is a veritable one-man industry, conquering the dual worlds of both literature and film in a way that makes all of us other so-called creative types look like a bunch of pikers. A brief glance at the ratio of King’s books which have over the decades been adapted into film and television productions (some in multiple and triple adaptations) is truly jaw-dropping: Carrie, ‘Salem’s Lot, The Shining, The Dead Zone, Christine, IT, The Tommyknockers, The Dark Half, Misery and The Stand are but a mere drop in the celluloid bucket of the Maine author’s creations which have made the jump from printed page to larger than life screens. And now, according to our Different Seasons admirers over at The Hollywood Reporter, King has yet another feather in his wonky writer’s hat to show off with the announcemnt of another of his books set for the big screen treatment.

Stephen King’s recent and latest best-selling novel Fairy Tale is headed to the silver screen courtesy of Universal Studios and director Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Ultimatum). This news comes hot on the heels of what was a bidding war between rival studios to procure the film rights to King’s hotter than Georgia asphalt novel.

If you haven’t had a chance to pick it up and read it as of yet, Fairy Tale (which was only released a month or so ago) is about a seventeen year old lad who one fine day uncovers a doorway into a whole new world. Accompanying our intrepid hero on his interdimensional journey of discovery is a dog. It’s not long before our de facto dynamic duo run into all sorts of wild and crazy trifles such as giants with an appetite for children, abandoned castles and a Big Bad that boy and dog must overcome and defeat.

This new production also maerks something of a reunion between the studio which has brough us such classics as Jaws and the Captain Phillips director: Greengrass contributed significantly to Universal’s coffers with three of his Bourne flicks, something which was surely not lost on the studio when seeking oiut the right person to helm this new King adaptation.

 Joking and quips to the side, we’re always happy to see a new movie take on one of our favorite writers. We’ll keep everyone posted on Fairy Tale as more details become known to us!


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