the worlds gone up in smoke

Johana Dadap drops, “The World’s Gone Up In Smoke”

Johana Dadap has just dropped her new single, “The World’s Gone Up In Smoke” and she’s trying to stir up a motion to help our Mother Earth. What do you say we give her a platform to say what she needs to say, and let’s listen.

The Filipino pop singer/songwriter brings awareness to the current crisis, but not just awareness, she wants to bring a sense of urgency to the world so that we act. Her single is a way to use her voice, her platform to inform others what she knows.

We have got to say, her vocals and her acoustic guitar skills pair well with her track to give us a sense of higher thinking. Something that can elevate our minds to think more than just ourselves, but rather to think of others. We’re looking to you gen z.

Her lyrics are a desperate plea to all of us to make a change. All it takes is to read the next following lyrics to just get a glimpse of what she wants to tell us.

From The Artist

“All the words in all the songs they seem to fall on deafened ears

No one hears

No one hears a word till

The world’s gone up in smoke

And mother nature’s broke

But she’s too young to die” 

Johanna Dadap’s voice is pleasant and charming, coupled with the backing arrangements which are delivered with a bit of a George Harrison flair. We are taken aback by the single release of, “The World’s Gone Up In Smoke”. We’re definitely doing more for our community, for the world. For everyone who comments below, we will donate a dollar per comment to Carbon

Use the link below to listen in and see what changes you can make and don’t forget to leave a comment below! Have a submission, contact us.

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