Home Safety Tips While You are on Vacation

It is no surprise that home burglaries are on the rise in July and August. The thing is, most people go on vacation during these months. With that said, you may want to keep your home secure while on vacation with these four practical home safety tips.

Make Sure You Lock Up Before You Leave

Never forget to lock up your doors before going on vacation. At least this will be your first line of defense in the event that an ill-minded individual decides to find their way into your home.

Ideally, do not be so preoccupied with locking the doors that you forget to secure other openings such as mail slots and pet doors. Burglars sometimes rely on these openings to unlock the doors of homes. Furthermore, consider disconnecting the electronic opener of your automatic garage door, if you have one.

Do Not Keep Your Spare Key in Obvious Places

At some point, you have kept your spare key under the front door mat, right? Now, you will be surprised to note that lots of people have been doing this as well; perhaps, so much that burglars have come to know exactly where spare keys are kept. Therefore, to avoid coming back to a robbed home, it is wise to change where you keep your spare key.

While doing that, make sure to avoid keeping your spare key in obvious places. We know what it feels like to lose your keys, get back home, and quickly realize that you cannot locate your spare key. Well, this normally happens if you do not keep your spare key in common places. But, at least, burglars will not find it either. What’s more, you can always contact your residential locksmith for a brand new key.

Let Your Trusted Neighbor Know You are Going on a Vacation

One of the best home safety tips is to make sure you inform one of your trusted neighbors that you will be away for some time. Let them know that in case they spot anything suspicious, they should not hesitate to contact the authority. If your neighbor is super trustworthy, then you can give them your spare key as well as provide them with your vacation contact details.

Make It Look Like Someone’s Home

With today’s advanced technology, making it look like someone’s home is easier than imagined. All you need to do is set timers on televisions, radios, and lights, among others. This makes them turn on automatically both in the evening and morning. Needless to say, someone with the intention of breaking into your home will be discouraged by this.

You can take things a notch higher by hiring a lawn care operator to care for your lawn so your grass can always appear freshly cut. Additionally, you can ask a friend or neighbor to park their car on your empty driveway. Plus, ensure your curtains and window blinds are positioned normally. You should, however, be cautious enough not to expose costly home appliances and furnishings.

In Summary

The above home safety tips will not just keep your home secure but also will give you peace of mind while you are on vacation. This means you will massively enjoy your time out knowing that once the vacation is over, you will come back and find your home in the exact state you left it in.

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