Meet Harvey Chandler: An Emerging Pro Snooker Player From Northampton

Snooker is more than just pocketing some different colored balls to score points. For those who don’t know, it has a rich history with many legends contributing their life to its development. It was invented and first played by the British Army back in the second half of the 19th century. Owing to its exciting gameplay, snooker became popular in Europe. It was then introduced to all the clubs and bars in the United States. After the sport gained worldwide popularity, with many contenders claiming to be the best, in 1927, a world snooker championship was organized. The game became even more popular due to television coverage and was given the title ‘gentleman’s sport’.

When it comes to snooker, Harvey Chandler is an emerging name with the precision and skill to become the next big thing in the world of snooker. Born on April 19, 1995, in Northampton, as a kid, Harvey was a huge football fan and thoroughly enjoyed playing the sport. However, it was his dad who introduced Harvey to snooker. Once a month, his father would take him to a snooker club in Peterborough. Harvey wasn’t a big fan and never really enjoyed snooker as it needed a lot of patience and calmness. But, things changed when one day, after school, Harvey and his friends arranged to meet at a local snooker club. While he was busy playing, Harvey was spotted by a local coach Malcolm who quickly gauged that snooker came naturally to this young boy. As soon as Malcolm discovered his potential, he wanted to train him. So, he invited Harvey to his junior coaching school, which was held every Saturday. The coach not only trained Harvey but also guided him to pursue professional snooker.

According to Harvey, when he played snooker for the first time, he just fell in love with the game. “I started at a very young age, but I made sure to put every ounce of my energy into becoming the best snooker player out there. I never played snooker to win big money or trophies. It is just about the love of the game,” revealed Harvey. 

Looking at athletes and sportspersons, it might seem that success comes easy to them. However, that is not the case; it takes a lot of effort, dedication, and sweat in order to make a name for themselves. A gifted snooker player, Harvey Chandler has been playing snooker since he was 13 years old. Due to financial restraints, it was quite challenging for him to compete in the tournaments. Even though his parents and family supported him and his career, he couldn’t afford to bear other expenses, including travelling, hotel accommodation, and tournament fees. During his amateur career, Harvey struggled to find a sponsor for his tournaments. “I mainly faced challenges finding sponsorship or funding for my career,” Harvey said. “From the age of 14 to 21, it was tough to find a local sponsor who would support me in entering tournaments and cover hotels as well as travelling costs. Such expenses could cost a lot, and my parents found it very difficult to fund everything and support my career,” he explained.

There was nothing that could deter his spirits, and as an amateur snooker player, Harvey won every tournament he participated in. Moreover, he was able to secure the top spot and reach the semi-finals, finals and eventually win the matches. He was not only praised for his game but also made headlines because of his performance and technique. During this time, Harvey realized that snooker was his calling, and he worked devotedly towards becoming a professional snooker player. 

When Harvey turned to professional snooker, it was a different ball game altogether. With some of the best players from around the world competing for the top spot, Harvey felt challenged, and he had to struggle in order to retain the position he had achieved during his amateur career. “I was a small fish in a big ocean. In my first season as a professional, I didn’t win many matches, but in the following years, I started to feel comfortable, and I started winning matches regularly,” he stated.

Snooker is more than just a game to people like Harvey. It was his passion and ambition to win big titles and grab the top position in the world ranking. His restless nights and thousands of hours of practice finally paid off when in 2018, Harvey qualified for one of the most prestigious snooker tournaments, the European Snooker championship. He dominated every opponent and secured his spot during the qualifier. In fact, he landed in Bulgaria, Sofia, for the group and knockout stages of the tournament. Harvey managed to get through the group and knockout stages comfortably and won every match, including the final by 7-2. 

Indeed it was a life-changing moment and an incredible achievement for Harvey Chandler to have won the Europe championship at such a young age and the news created waves through the snooker world. Through his exceptional talent, Harvey has proved to the entire world that a new king is here to stay!

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