Clint Maedgen is the most unique and innovative artist of his generation.

Exploring the depths of art, Clint Maedgen has led his creative career in New Orleans for a quarter century. His vast zeal for the unknown has dragged him through an endless expedition of music’s enchanting nature. Maedgen’s art is a fascinating saga of passion in which he shares his musical healing power with the world. He is a great painter, photographer, filmmaker, and textile artist who thinks art is the most powerful way to heal.

Beyond challenging his fans with his frenzied mixture of progressive and experimental music, amid the epidemic, he made valiant attempts to perform for his fans in unique private shows. Clint Maedgen came up with a way to stay afloat when COVID-19 made people less connected and slowed down the economy: he set up a Patreon page to keep in touch with his loyal fans.

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what better way to give access to your process than online with a worldwide audience?” Clint says in a conversation that sheds light on how Patreon allows his followers to get an overview of the process of making his music. Additionally, he insists on staying in touch with his 500 faithful patrons, allowing them to participate in the process and offering them the opportunity to remain involved.

With the help of 24 songs Clint created for his patrons, who purchased his photo series consisting of French Quarter doorbell pillows, the artist could get enough money to move away from the bedroom and record songs inspired by fans in a studio. “Sandra Already Knows” is just the first of many tracks to be released.

“Sandra Already Knows” is a funky and psychedelic track written for a fan of Clint’s named Sandra. It opens with a guitar riff, sounding like something from Jimmy Page, and contains alternative rock-style vocals with trippy lyrics. It has an epic guitar solo near the song’s midpoint. It rounds out with a rugged rock guitar performance and a softer vocal delivery. Due to the enormous amount of support Maedgen bolstered on his Patreon, projects like this could be created.

Maedgen’s music is always focused on the chaos of the world around us; his latest track is no different. With solid vocals, a rousing guitar riff, and powerful lyrics, “Sandra Already Knows” is guaranteed to be a smash hit. It features Tif Lamson as a drummer and on background vocals, with Rick Nelson on bass. This track continues the tradition of Maedgen’s quest to display the world around us with pop-rock songs with well-written lyrics.

The year before, Maedgen led a solo exhibition of his work in Asbury Park, giving a harmonious, dream-like backdrop to the fine-art photography show. The public and the critics enjoyed the collection, and many were in awe of Maedgen’s unique way of mixing photography and music. Maedgen’s art has been shown in museums and galleries worldwide, and he is considered one of his time’s most creative and original artists. 

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