Jonah Hill Announces a Break from Movie Promotion and Public Appearances, Citing Anxiety Attacks

The good news if you’re at all a fan of Oscar-nominated actor and all-around funny-man Jonah Hill, The Wolf of Wall Street mensch has a new Netflix documentary on the way which he directed called Stutz. The new film is an up-close look at his own personal therapist Dr. Phil Stutz (recommended to him by Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot co-star Joaquin Phoenix). The bad news in all of this is that if you’re looking forward to checking out Hill stump for the new doc in a seemingly endless litany of press junkets and crack wise on the red carpet, then you might want to exhale: The This Is the End star publically announced that for the foreseeable future he’s taking time off from public appearances and movie promotions to concentrate on his own well-being and mental health.

 According to our pals over at The Hollywood Reporter, Jonah Hill whose work on both documentary Stutz and feature film You People (both from Netflix) is eagerly anticipated, announced that he would be taking a “time-out” from the usual publicity stuff which is part and parcel of the movie landscape in order to concentrate on his own mental well-being.

 “I have finished directing my second film, a documentary about me and my therapist which explores mental health in general, called Stutz,” Hill explained in a press release late last week. “The whole purpose of making this film is to give therapy and the tools I’ve learned in therapy to a wide audience for private use through an entertaining film.

 “Through this journey of self-discovery within the film, I have come to the understanding that I have spent nearly 20 years experiencing anxiety attacks, which are exacerbated by media appearances and public facing events.

 “I am so grateful that the film will make its world premiere at a prestigious film festival this fall, and I can’t wait to share it with audiences around the world in the hope that it will help those struggling. However, you won’t see me out there promoting this film, or any other upcoming films, while I take this important step to protect myself. If I made myself sicker by going out there and promoting it, I wouldn’t be acting true to myself or to the film.”

Hollywood usually gets knocked for its reputation as a town of excess with vices ranging from drugs to sex. However, the entertainment industry also comes along with extreme mental stakes too, constantly pitting one actor against another for the right to play a role in a film, constant media scrutiny and fermenting an atmosphere that quietly states that you’re only as good as your last movie or album project; Kudos to Jonah Hill for taking a stand on the issue of mental health, an issue which is generally swept under the proverbial rug.

 Our best to Jonah Hill and everyone keep your eyes peeled for his new documentary Stutz on Netflix!

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