Ranking Every Episode Of Season 3 Of ‘Frasier’

Unusually, the third season of Frasier was the first I ever watched. I mentioned this when I wrote about season one. I got a DVD of the third season as a prize, I knew the show well enough conceptually (it’s not the trickiest series to parse) to dive in. The show was so good I decided to go back to the beginning and watch it all. The first two seasons of Frasier are really strong. This is a show that hit out of the gate. Does the third season continue the momentum? It’s time to rank every episode of the third season!

24. “A Word to the Wise Guy”

23. “Leapin’ Lizards”

22. “The Focus Group”

21. “High Crane Drifter”

20. “Police Story”

19. “The Friend”

18. “Come Lie with Me”

17. “Martin Does it His Way”

16. “Kisses Sweeter Than Wine”

15. “The Adventures of Bad Boy and Dirty Girl”

14. “The Show Where Diane Comes Back”

13. “She’s the Boss”

12. “Frasier Grinch”

11. “Sleeping with the Enemy”

10. “Shrink Rap”

9. “It’s Hard to Say Goodbye if You Won’ Leave”

8. “The Last Time I Saw Maris”

7. “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fired”

6. “Frasier Loves Roz”

5. “Crane vs. Crane”

4. “You Can Go Home Again”

3. “Chess Pains”

2. “Moon Dance”

1. “Look Before You Leap”

No wonder I decided to watch all of Frasier after checking out the third season; this is another very-good season of television. It is something of an unusual jumping-on point, since the first several episodes are heavily focused on a new boss at KACL, played by Mercedes Ruehl. Or maybe that made it a good time to jump in, because it was a new character, and a new storyline, to everybody.

There are a few good episodes focused on that story, but none of my top episodes. My top two are all-time classic episodes of Frasier. I’d say this top six is all great. There are a lot of good outings for the show this season. The only iffy one is “A Word to the Wise Guy.” I don’t know why sitcoms so often go to the well of mobsters/people the main characters assume are mobsters. It never really works out. Just look at the worst episode of The Office, for example.

I think, all in all, this is the best season of Frasier yet, though it’s close. No wonder this show won so many Emmys. By the third season, it was already clearly better than Cheers. It was the best sitcom on TV at the time (save for The Simpsons. Let’s call it the best live-action sitcom).

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