Roger Kurian – The lasting impression

In Feb of 2021, I came across a person named Roger Kurian who left me with a lasting impression – One that I can never forget for the rest of my life.

Roger Kurian had gone through a life changing event, one that most of us will possibly never go through or can even imagine in our lives. However, he used that experience to change his life around. But more importantly, he changed my life too when he shared his experience, his journey and how he came so close to God and witnessed so many miracles along the way.

Roger Kurian completely surrendered himself and dedicated his life to God in Feb of 2021. It made me appreciate how he let a negative experience contribute to him in a positive way and so immensely at that. Roger would talk about how God led him to this path not only for his betterment but also for the people and community around him. I would remember Roger always talking about and caring for his sick Grandma of 86 years. I also remember him sharing his experience with helping his parents and in-laws who were both old and retired.

Not only that, he was on a mission to do good and serve Humanity. He got himself involved in a non-profit organization and Church called Saving Grace Ministries.

I remember Roger Kurian volunteering at the Food Bank on countless occasions, doing food drives and toy giveaways with Saving Grace Ministries. Visiting women’s shelters and offering them food, clothes etc.

Roger took pleasure in serving his community in a time when most people would be going through depression and anxiety. While Roger went through his own share of depression; he one day decided to get up and make a change to humanity rather than staying depressed. In a depressed state of mind, Roger decided to pull himself out of bed and run vigorously every day. While he ran, he talked to himself words of positive encouragement and would ask God how he could serve him. It was through these moments that God put it on his heart to do several things to serve the community.

He humbled himself in front of God, thanked him every morning and asked him: ‘what can I do for you today? ‘

How many of us ask God this question? We are all so lost in asking God for favors for us but do we really ask God what we can do for him?  That gave me a new perspective in life. That told me that many of us are out here for a better purpose than just trying to live and survive.

Roger once told me that it is not the wealth we accumulate or our accomplishments that make a difference. It is the lives that we touch, change and people that we are able to help that truly makes a difference.  He always told me that life on earth is just a transitory phase. Our true destiny is our eternal abode. It is therefore important to nurture our spiritual lives. He always spoke about how it was important to battle our earthly fights spiritually. It is only in the spiritual realm that our earthly battles can be won. 

I am a changed man now, and if it was not for Roger, I was on a journey to disaster. I thank this soul for coming to my life and helping me make such a positive change to myself. Roger, while I have lost touch with you, if you ever read this article, please reach out to me.



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