A Few Fun Facts About Dogs That You Must Know Of

Dogs have been our constant friends and companions for generations now. We love to be around dogs. It gives us a certain level of peace and relaxation. We can also express ourselves in a much better way in front of a dog than before any other human being. Dogs can also help us get rid of all our stress and anxiety. There are also a lot of people who treat their dogs as their kids. So here we are with some of the most interesting facts about dogs that you must know. These facts will allow you to take better care of your dog. You will also be able to understand your dog much better. This is going to be helpful for both you and your dog:

The sweat glands of the dogs are present on their paws at the bottom of their feet. So, when you see your dog getting too warm and sweaty during the summer months, you can try getting their paws wet. This is going to help them to cool down. They will also start to feel better almost immediately.

There is a very popular belief that dogs can only identify black and white colors. They do not have the visibility of other colors. However, this is not the case. Dogs don’t only see in white and black. They can also see green, blue, yellow, and grey.

You may have observed that your dog’s nose remains wet almost all the time. This can become a cause of concern for the new dog owners. However, this is quite natural. The wetness in dogs’ noses allows them to absorb various scents. The dogs may also lick their nose in order to get an idea of the scent.

A lot of people are not careful enough about how their dogs urinate. However, this should be avoided because the urine of dogs is highly acidic in nature. It can corrode metal and can cause a lot of harm to all those valuable objects in your house.

The dogs have the ability to sense the magnetic field of the Earth. This is one of the most striking features of dogs which is of use in various circumstances. This is also the main reason why dogs can find their way home in such an effective way.

You probably already know that dogs can understand many different words and gestures. What you may not know is how many they can understand. So how many gestures and words can they understand? They have the potential to understand more than 200, which is a lot.

America may not be the biggest country in the world regarding landmass, but they are home to the most dogs. That may not a surprise you, but what might is that France comes second. That’s absolutely right, France is home to more dogs than many biggest countries.

When you look at a dog’s ear, you might not be able to tell, but they are very muscular, not necessarily in size, but in the amount of muscle. We are trying to say that dogs’ ears contain double the muscle as humans’ ears.

Greyhound dogs can run very fast, which is why there is Greyhound racing. This is not a secret, but do you know how fast they can run? Try up to 45mph, which is almost quickly some speed limits set on many roadways. Dogs run fast in normally, but Greyhounds are the quickest dogs in the world, so if you ever get a Greyhound for a pet, ensure you have plenty of lands because they love to run.

Many people assume that dogs are colorblind and believe that all dogs see in black and white. However, the fact is that dogs are not colorblind. Dogs can detect color, but it is not as vivid as humans’ vision.

Almost 20% of the dogs’ snore while they are sleeping. So, if you hear your dog snoring during his sleep, then don’t be alarmed, as it is natural for dogs to snore during their sleeping hours. It allows them to get a relaxed sleep.

Some dogs that do not like to come in contact with water, but most dogs are excellent swimmers. They love swimming across large stretches of water. They are also capable of swimming at an extremely fast speed.

There are many other interesting facts that you might not know about dogs. However, the five discussed above are some facts that people rarely know about dogs. The some facts talked about in the article might help you have a better understanding of dogs, or some of the facts may have even answered some questions you didn’t have the answers to.

So, bring a cute dog to your home and add a whole lot of fun and happiness to your life.

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