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INTERVIEW | Sp8ce Owl discusses “Digital Breathing” video and his musical journey

With instruments and musical effects, ambient electronic artist Sp8ce Owl paints vivid, ambitious pictures in his compositions. His latest song and video is “Digital Breathing.”

VENTS Magazine recently had the pleasure of interviewing Sp8ce Owl, where he discussed “Digital Breathing”, his musical journey, and more. The interview can be read below.

Can you describe the start of your musical career? When did you realize creating instrumentals is something you wanted to pursue?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you today, and thank you for your coverage of my music now and in the past. I appreciate it!

Originally, I started making music to feel better. An activity I could do that wasn’t damaging like a lot of my old habits, but instead healing. At first, I explored music creating apps on my iPad. These introduced me to melding sounds together. Some that already existed while others were born more internally. What I felt from the beginning was a cathartic experience. Taking me to the past, present, and future as it feels like swimming in memories, or sometimes the excitement you feel in your chest when you physically drop but the moment before you regain your footing. So the more I created the more I wanted to create. Excited by the fact that this could be a lifelong journey where there could be infinite potential for growth. So I decided I wanted to give making music professionally a try. There were some missteps at first, but once I started working with Chris Curry and we joined the Croshal Entertainment Group they give me the foundational pieces, advice, and connections that have made it possible for the progress I have made in this often overwhelming industry. As for the instrumentals they seem to be the type of music that can express how I feel and what I want to say in what feels like the most honest and direct way. So I can feel my way through thinking so to speak.

Can you explain the process of creating the instrumental and overall vibe for “Digital Breathing”? Was there a particular sound or moment that sparked the song’s concept?

I feel like every song has a pulse that drives the overall feeling. Those feeling can sometimes shift, but always start somewhere. With this in mind the start of “Digital Breathing” begins with a driving bass sound. This was what I started with to create the song, and from the very beginning I had very strong images of electricity coursing through things. The first image was of that electricity coursing through a human brain. Then my thoughts went to the parallel of that same electricity coursing through a circuit. With these things in mind I built the rest of the song around those initial images adding more layers to try and drive and progress the song. The horns in particular were meant to add more depth while helping to drive the narrative of the song musically as well as for the video.

How do you decide what is and isn’t included in your music videos? What is the production process like, and how do you choose which visuals best encapsulate the song’s energy?

I am blessed to work with Michael Perlmutter who I have collaborated on the music videos I have done so far. After I make a song there is a period where I listen to it on repeat lay on my couch close my eyes and pay attention to how I feel and what comes into my mind. Sometimes it is more like a story. Other times it is much more visual. Once I connect with something that comes to my mind that I want to go with I continue to listen while trying build upon what I decided. Since with “Digital Breathing” I had visuals as well as a broad narrative the first steps were already done. I then communicate these things with Michael who then brings his creative and artistic talents together with mine and by the time the video is done it is the sum built with parts from both of us. It has become a process that I enjoy very much, and every time one is finished I always feel very proud by what we have done.

Do you believe that your upbringing moving multiple times across the country has influenced your musical taste? If so, were there any specific inspirations that impacted your own creations?

Great question. I definitely think moving around as a kid affected my musical taste. Every place you live if you listen has it’s own soundtrack. From the music you hear in stores and the mall to the music that is popular at that years summer BBQ and pool parties. Add on top of that the distinct way each town and city respond to that music and each place has it own musicality. All that music tied directly to so many memories and experiences that shaped not only my musical tasted, but also who I became as a person with different aspects of me connected to all the different places I have lived.

How do you hope your music impacts listeners?

I guess when I think about how my music impacts people my hope is that is connects with people the way music has for me. That at certain times songs feel like they are directly speaking to you. My hope is that people might feel that way. Another thing I truly hope for is that in times of distress or the feeling of disconnection that people can hear that a lot of the my music was born from these same feeling. Hopefully hearing that creation of any kind can be a vehicle to processing emotional and spiritual pain, and sometimes on the other side you might come out with something you think is beautiful.

Is there anything new coming up for Sp8ce Owl that you’d like to share with your fans?

Yes, I just finished my newest EP “Echos From The Ether”, and I am very excited about it! I tried quite a few new things in the studio with this EP. On some of the tracks I also express some different emotional states than I have in my previous releases. A lot of those feelings are frustration and sadness at the overall state of the world, and how we treat the various life, including other human beings, that lives in this world.

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Author: VENTS

Seeking out the best new music. Now and forever.


Seeking out the best new music. Now and forever.

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