“Upcoming star coming out of Marietta”

Born October 10, Deshawn was raised in Marietta, GA where he spent a lot of nights under
different roofs. Born by his teenage single mother, Deshawn didn’t know what stability in his life
looked like. Whether it was moving due to a high crime area, financial situations, or negligent
landlords, he always found himself spending nights with multiple family members. He
remembers moving over 15 times, but this was nothing out of the ordinary for him– this was his
“normal”. During his childhood, Deshawn moved in with his grandmother in Atlanta, GA after his
father attempted to be present in his life. However, this living arrangement didn’t work out and
instead moved in with his late great-grandmother. He remembers making the best out of this
time in his life where he made many memories he carries to this day. This is where his musical
journey really began.
Deshawn remembers being eight years old walking around his apartment complex making up
songs in his head. The running stream of endless thoughts turned into music. He started
sharing those same thoughts with his friends and, eventually, they formed their own rap group. It
was good until it wasn’t. His rap group grew bigger and bigger and ultimately got out of control
when many of them started participating in illegal activities. Deshawn didn’t like the route his
friends were starting to take. He knew this wasn’t the kind of life he envisioned for himself. If he
wanted to pursue music, he needed to get out and be solo.
Music for him has always been an escape. He remembers getting in trouble often and punished
by getting his things taken away, but his radio was the one thing that never got taken from him.
And even when there were times he didn’t have a radio nearby, his mind would take over.
After deciding to go solo, his biggest challenge was figuring out a sense of identity. He
remembers always feeling out of place, feeling different, and often getting called “the weird kid”
around others. Deshawn admits knowing he is weird and different. He takes it to the next level
by embracing it and putting it into his music because, as he says, “Who wants to be normal?
Weird is better.”
Deshawn is currently an independent artist. He enjoys having the ability to craft his music to fit
his vision while being able to reflect his thoughts at the same time.
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