Ottawa star Trevah is back with new material in the form of his much-anticipated 3 song EP “THE MOTIVE”!
The EP starts with the song ‘MAN WHAT’ the energetic, dynamic production is swiftly graced with his punching flow and assertive bars, “Get the beck-end then a show, it does not feel it’s enough / I count 50, I count 100’s , yeah I run it up / I don’t talk much, / A hustla like me gon’ get you touched “he raps. Posing as a taste for what’s yet to unravel, As we transition through the infectious hooks housed in ‘ONE TAKE’ which I’m sure will receive quite the airtime on the incoming stories across Snapchat and Instagram – not to mention everyone’s newfound love for TikTok, we journey through the melodic flow and trap-esc sounds of ‘SAY NO MORE ‘, an unapologetic cut that enables him to further highlight his strengths “It’s like I don’t even feel the pain no more / She don’t even say my name no more”Trevah states .
The quick snippets of “THE MOTIVE” was filled with quotable lyrics.
For now, take in “THE MOTIVE” up to the top!



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