Weekend Movie Recommendations: Starting On The Right Foot Edition

I’ve got a conceptual movie night for you this week. Over at Hulu, I’ve got three films that started movie series with eventual diminished returns. That’s all they have connected to one another, but I still think it makes for a good night of film.

First up, we have Ridley Scott’s iconic horror movie Alien. It’s a gripping, fat-free thriller. Watch it first, perhaps when the sun is still out. You don’t necessarily want to watch Alien and then go to bed. Or maybe you do, so that you can dream of Harry Dean Stanton. If you haven’t seen Alien, and you aren’t squeamish, it’s a must watch.

Then, we go to an iconic action movie in Die Hard. While there is another good movie in the Alien franchise, it’s follow up Aliens, there is no other good Die Hard movie. Having said that, Die Hard is maybe the best action movie of all time. That’s a killer combo to start the series off with.

Lastly, I’m going with Resident Evil. This is a silly horror-action movie, but it’s a series with a lot of goofy fun in it. Resident Evil is good to watch last, because it has the most “midnight movie” vibes to it.

This will give you an evening of film full of action, with a fair amount of gore as well. Or you could have a lousy evening of movies by watching three later films in these series.

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