Demand For Professional Car Photographers Is Growing In Florida

One profession that seems to be getting popular by the day in Florida is car photography. More and more people are choosing car photography as a career. This is as new jobs are being created every day in the industry.

How much does a car photographer earn?

When it comes to salaries, car photographers seem to be doing so well in the number game. As of June 2022, a car photographer in the US makes an average yearly pay of $40,368. Breaking the number down – means that you get to earn:

• An hourly pay of $19.41.

• A weekly pay of $776.

• A monthly pay of $3364.

As a car photographer, you get to earn between $17,000 and $85,000. However, there are loads of opportunities in the car photography business. The average salary usually depends on your location, level of experience, skill level, and so on.

Is there a career in car photography?

There is a huge career prospect in car photography. Car photographers are professionals that take remarkable and elegant photographs of various vehicles. These pictures are usually used as promotional and marketing materials. However, the pictures are also subjected to a lot of post-editing retouches. Also, as a car photographer, you are expected to take high-quality photographs of vehicles at different locations. For instance, a professional car photographer can be expected to shoot photos of various cars. It could be photographs of exotic and high-profile vehicles at multiple events. These events could be car racing, car shows, auto exhibitions, product launches, etc. A car photographer could be contracted to shoot popular vehicles to be used in a car magazine.

What is the primary job function of a car dealership photographer?

As a car photographer, you could work with a car dealership. However, this isn’t the only job role of professional car photographers. You may also end up working for car manufacturers and assembly companies. However, car dealerships usually solicit car photographers’ skills to boost vehicle sales. A recent trend of statistics has revealed that remarkable car pictures help boost the sales of cars in dealerships. People tend to fall in love with amazing pictures of cars.

So, what does a car dealership photographer do? As a car dealership photographer, your primary role will be to take remarkable pictures of different vehicles. These pictures will be placed on an online sales platform to increase sales and revenue. As a car dealership photographer, your responsibility may be a blend of shooting amazing pictures and post-production of the images. The role usually centers around:

  • Taking pictures of new cars,
  • Editing photos

• Choosing the right pictures to use on online platforms, and

• Taking part in other activities within the dealership.

Car dealership photography: Fun and pleasure all the way

Do you love working outdoors and taking remarkable pictures of cars? Being a car dealership photographer can be a fun and fantastic job. You get to drive all sorts of elegant and exotic vehicles. The position comes with many perks and benefits.

Opportunities to become a car photographer.

With all the fun and perks that come with the job, just about anyone can be a photographer. Auto Image Services is a company that caters to the demands of new car photographers. The company focuses on recruiting professional and training talented new photographers interested in the job. The company focuses on the creation of unique branding and marketing for each car. They do this by supplying trained car photographers to different clients.

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About RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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