Weekend Binge Recommendation: ‘Mr. Mayor’

The network sitcom doesn’t get much love these days. However, there are a few of them that are still worthwhile. One of them has quite the impressive cast as well. In this modern era, maybe it doesn’t get talked about, but you can still binge it, and I think you will enjoy it. The show is Mr. Mayor, the NBC sitcom that is the latest from Tina Fey.

Now, a lot has changed in the TV landscape. 30 Rock was a big hit and was part of the cultural conversation. It kind of feels like Mr. Mayor is just sort of on TV, even though it stars Ted Danson and Holly Hunter. Yes, really. Danson is starring on a sitcom alongside an Oscar-winner actress. And the show was created by Tina Fey. What more do you need to hear than that?

Danson plays Neal Bremer, a millionaire businessman who becomes the Mayor of Los Angeles. He’s a bit in over his head, but largely well meaning. The show focuses on him and his staff, plus his teenage daughter Orly. Hunter plays Arpi, a staunch ultra liberal activist who knows the inner workings of politics. Bobby Moynihan plays, a Bobby Moynihan role. Plus, there are a couple of lesser-known actors, Vella Lovell and Mike Cabellon, who plays two members of the staff Mikaela and Tommy, and they are not steamrolled by their bigger-name counterparts.

Fey and company know how to write sitcom jokes, and Danson knows how to deliver them. That being said, I think Hunter gives the best performance in the show. The first season was more 30 Rock-style, in terms of being very joke heavy and silly. The second season is a little more of a “traditional” sitcom, almost like it got a soft reboot. However, it’s no worse for it.

Another aspect of the modern sitcom vis a vis 30 Rock? The first season was only nine episodes and the second season will only be 10 when it culminates. That’s easy for a binge. If you like joke-heavy sitcoms, Mr. Mayor could be right up your alley. I’m really enjoying it.

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