The Craze For Hip Hop Jewelry

In this article, we will see the craze for hip-hop jewelry. Currently, celebrities and famous actresses, see a lot of extravagant jewelry not only on their necks but on their hands and even on their clothing.

The very popular reggaeton singers often wear the most striking gold and silver jewelry of different thicknesses and in unthinkable amounts, for some, we can also see bright diamonds in their clothes, as well as colors and shapes that give them shine and make them stand out to their outfits, for singers it seems to be one of the most important things that their wardrobe should have because through these jewels they are given to demonstrate to others, probably, the economic position they have or the level that they have. they have in the middle.

The hip-hop jewelry craze involves flashy and extravagant chains that were primarily designed to function as status symbols. While the wearer may refer to their jewelry as “iced out,” they are also known as “bling,” hip hop jewelry is characterized by the use of diamonds and gold in abundance, and distinct styles of accessories have changed over time, from gold to white gold and platinum, but the goal remains the same to show off and be conspicuous to others. This jewelry is listed as a status symbol of wealth and prestige. Many hip-hop artists adorn themselves with designer fashion brands and ostentatious jewelry to symbolize and celebrate their path to success.

The appearance of jewelry in Hip Hop and its precursors

Hip hop jewelry made its first appearance during the first half of the 1980s, specifically when the first hip hop groups and MCs made their scene. Rap icon Kurtis Blow started the trend of wearing multiple necklaces at the same time, many of the necklaces featured large medallions. Another well-known hip hop legend is the group Run DMC who introduced the style of sporting chunky gold chain necklaces with their runway outfits. Many of the gold chains were the thickness of the royal rope.

However, he was not related to the rap scene. On the other hand, Mr. man was the one who popularized the look of having many flashy gold necklaces at the same time. Additionally, Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav pushed the style even further by wearing an amazing watch around the neck, highlighted by gold necklaces.

During a very early age in hip hop, gold was the color that was used as the standard and the most used material for jewelry, however, this changed in the 90s with the appearance of the luxurious style of Jay-Z and P. Diddy, back then he was known as Puff Daddy. These artists brought us a new era of designer clothing with platinum, silver jewelry, white gold, and diamond jewelry that became very fashionable. Very soon hip hop jewelry started to be made with diamond encrustations, the more the better for the rappers.

The craze for Hip Hop Jewelry: Grillz

Grills, or “Grillz,” are a way of coating teeth with diamonds. Some grills even have messages and names on them and can also be personalized. Subsequently, the jewelry then acquired a new name. The term “bling-bling” was coined during the late 1990s in order to describe the flashy style, this being the over-the-top fashion of hip-hop jewelry.

The term “bling”, which had been coined, gained popularity over time and was so popular that it now has its own style and has a varied selection of “bling”, which is very affordable and is adorned with cubic zirconia and Obviously fake gold. It mainly has belt buckles, necklaces, bracelets, chains, dog chains, rings, earrings, and watches. To talk a little deeper about the hip-hop jewelry craze, it is essential to have a broad understanding of what hip hop means as music and as a culture.

The craze for Hip Hop Jewelry: The Hip Hop Style

Hip hop style is a fashion style that was first popularized by the hip hop culture that emerged during the 1980s. It is characterized by strong urban influences, it was very common that they were typified with wide pants, oversized shirts, and baseball caps. Flashy jewelry, known as “bling,” was another key element of the hip hop style, helping to develop a high-end street sometimes referred to as the “fabulous ghetto.”

The style broke away from the mainstream when sports brands began to engage with hip-hop culture, and it became a trend for many rap artists to start clothing lines of their own. During the late 1970s, there was an emergence of rap and hip hop, in this period, the fans of these musicians began to copy the way of dressing of the artists. This came to a point during the 1980s when fans of the hottest hip hop icons had taken on the style of the musicians in brightly colored tracksuits, bomber jackets, and sneakers.

Influence of sport on Hip Hop style

The 1990s ushered in baseball caps and sports jerseys, as well as hop-style fashion trends for ladies. Female hip hop artists began wearing sports bras under oversized shirts as a hallmark of femininity. The influence of sport on the hip hop style was growing in the mid and late 1990s when artists began to use sportswear brands. Designer Tommy Hilfiger was one of the first to bridge the gap between classic good taste and urban style. Instead of sidelining the hip hop community as many designers did, he took it upon himself to create baggy, brightly colored clothing and courted popular hip hop artists. Hilfiger became a household name in hip hop and more when rapper Snoop Dogg did a live show on television wearing designer’s clothing.

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