5 Most Scenic Road Trips in the US 

You have probably been dreaming for a long time of jetting through the USA in a convertible and taking in the fascinating sights to the accompaniment of cheerful music from the car radio. So let your dream come true.

A road trip through the United States of America is considered a classic among individual trips with a vehicle. The sheer, endless highways with their views of breathtaking landscapes are ideally suited for such trips. If you want to rent a car for this, you should note the car rentals for under 25 restrictions. It is really important. 

The scenic and cultural diversity make for a unique experience that you won’t soon forget. The maximum speeds vary from state to state: In California, for example, they are 25-30 mph in the city and 65-75 mph on interstates. 

How much does a road trip cost?

There are several things to consider when calculating the cost of a road trip. First and foremost, you’ll pay for your flights and the rental fee for the vehicle you’ll use to travel the country. This vehicle will also need to be refueled. 

In addition, you should include the accommodation and food in your bill. Apart from that, it would be good if you set aside money for entrance fees and emergencies.

From mountains to deserts to the coast, the roads of the USA offer a varied panorama.

Which vehicle is the best?

It’s important to find the right vehicle for your road trip. After all, you want to feel comfortable during the trip. If you have a large budget, you are flexible and spoiled for choice:

The compact rental car is the cheapest option because it is smaller and consumes much less fuel than other vehicles. It also has the advantage of taking up little space in parking lots. Can you rent a car under 25? You should clarify this before planning your trip.

Best road trip routes through USA

Route 66

Route 66, also called the Mother Road, passes through 8 states. Route 66 is probably the most famous road trip route in the United States of America. It starts in Chicago and ends in Los Angeles.

On this route, you drive through the states of Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. The route takes you through cities such as St. Louis, Tulsa, Amarrillo, and Santa Fe. You probably wouldn’t visit these places without Route 66, and this way you get to know a lesser-known facet of the USA.

The route is doable in about five days, but feel free to drive a little longer and treat yourself to a side trip to the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas.

Blue Ridge Parkway

This scenic road along the Appalachian Mountains was opened in 1936. For nature lovers, the Blue Ridge Parkway is the perfect route for a great road trip in the States. The 750-kilometer scenic road begins in the Blue Ridge Mountains, an Appalachian mountain range in Virginia, and ends in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the state of North Carolina.

You can always stop along the way and explore the natural beauty on a hike. Imposing viewpoints, thundering waterfalls, and a wealth of plant life characterize this route to a particularly high degree.

Although there are no major cities along the way, the trip is worth it for the tremendous natural scenery.


Pacific Coast Highway

The 85-meter-high Bixby Bridge in the Art Deco style is located about 190 km south of San Francisco. On the Pacific Coast Highway, you drive – as you can guess from the name – along the Pacific Ocean in California. And before you plan that trip, check to see if it’s possible to use services of renting a car under 25 in this state. The route between San Francisco and Los Angeles includes several cities that you probably haven’t seen yet.

Two real insider tips on this road trip are Monterey with the house of the writer Robert Louis Stevenson, and Morro Bay, with its volcanic hill. Take some time to see a number of sights that you probably hadn’t planned to see beforehand.


Overseas Highway

The Overseas Highway is the only land connection between the US mainland and the Florida Keys. The east coast of the United States is also perfect for an extended road trip. The Overseas Highway is 205 kilometers long and takes you from Miami to Key West.

Because of the great view of the Atlantic Ocean, this trip is something very special. A total of 40 islands are connected on this route. This way, you get to know the Florida Keys much more intensively than on a flight. You should definitely have this experience once.

Las Vegas Loop

Probably the most famous motifs in the west of the USA are the enormous rocks in Monument Valley. Another special feature is the Las Vegas Loop, which takes you from the cosmopolitan city in Nevada via the states of Utah and Arizona back to its starting point.

On this route, you will get to know the unique beauty of the U.S. desert and can see for yourself various wonders of nature in different national parks. The roads are straight, long and mostly empty. Take a rental car for convenience, but don’t forget to check if you can take a rental car under 25.

The best time to travel the Las Vegas Loop is in spring or fall. You should avoid taking a trip in the summer because of the high temperatures.

Taking a trip to America is a dream for someone. And if you get the opportunity, try to see as much as you can. Today there are many car rental companies that allow you to travel in comfort on any road, GPS navigators that will tell you the right way, and much more. Take your family or friends and drive to the most beautiful places in America. Have a great time!

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