GEA is back with her new single, “Uusikuu”

Let’s all give a warm welcome to GEA and the song “Uusikuu”. We’ve had here before and she absolutely killed it. GEA is a very important artist because she is among the 2 percent of women who produce music. Yes, there are only 2 percent of music being produced by women and that needs to improve.

GEA will always  have a platform with us, anytime.

GEA has just released her single, “Uusikuu”, which means new moon. GEA is able to take her music to new heights by bringing in a “new moon” to her very own music. Better yet, she was able to do it because she produces her new music!

Now let’s get back to the music that brought us here.

The song came to her in an epiphany in December 2020 while she was spending time with her family during the holidays. Usually, the holidays are lovely but they can also be a bit crazy because of all the ruckus. We’re so happy that GEA was able to find inspiration during the holidays.

Here’s what GEA has to say:

“The life of your dreams already exists at the energy level. All you have to do is to bring it into a concrete form through your actions, ” says GEA.

GEA is working to bring power back to the people, back to women who are seeing themselves losing it as the days go by. No more! Fight for your rights and get them to stay! 

It is our responsibility to do everything we can to show our support for women, to regain the power of their natural right. We’re all going to get through this and we can do everything we can to make sure it does.

Go try GEA and her single, “Uusikku” by following the link below!

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