Ducted Vs Split System

Ducted Vs Split System Aircon

Ice cream and the cooling breeze of the air conditioner are like a fresh breeze on a hot sunny day. There are numerous ways to identify if your AC is in proper functioning condition or not such as an increase in electric bills, releasing of hot air instead of cold and obnoxious smell. There are different types of air-con systems such as ducted and split. Finding an air conditioning system that suits your lifestyle and property is the luck of gold.

What Is The Difference Between Ducted And Split System Air Conditioning?

Two types of air conditioning help us pass through our unbearable summers, ducted and split systems. Below are the points which will help you to understand which one is suited for you.

Split System air conditioning

In the split system of air conditioning, the AC is divided into two parts where the condenser part is located outside the house, mostly in a wall or a window and the rest is inside the house. The advantage of such a system is that it is extremely cheaper than the ducted system. It is widely chosen by people who live in apartments or double-storeyed buildings because you can gradually add more systems at a very minimal cost. It is operated remotely and you can also control the temperature manually. There are some limitations of split systems such as keeping the condenser outside the home may overheat it and that may cause a lot of problems. Also, there are some beliefs that a split air conditioning system consumes more power and there is a huge hike in electric expenses. There is also noise from the condenser outside which may cause disturbance to your neighbours or even your family members. The air conditioning installation is much lower than that of ducted air conditioning.

Ducted Air conditioning

The entire unit is concealed and is generally hidden on roofs. It is generally used by large businesses and people who don’t want air conditioning for a single room. That is also one of the greatest advantages of ducted air conditioning is that just in one go the entire property is cooled down. The air conditioning installationmay vary a lot from split air conditioning, as this completely drains your pockets. With zoned ducted air conditioning, you can also take advantage of it and cool different rooms at different temperatures. Unless you installed a system with wifi, it will be extremely tough to manage the system. The primary advantage of installing ducted air conditioning is that it will have a drastic difference in the market value of your property.

Which A/C System Is Right For You?

Both types of air conditioning systems are made for a targeted audience. If you are a small family and live in an apartment, split aircon is best suited for you but if you have a business to run or a large family to provide air conditioning to then ducted aircon is where you should be leaning towards. However, the air conditioning installation best suited for you has to be decided by you based on the above points.

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